Thursday, October 31, 2013

Just Beastly!!!

Here is a 'partial' of a commission job I took after virtually begging the owner of these phenomenal Willy minis to let me paint them!  He wanted pink (once again! *wink*) and 'natural' colors on his Beastmen.  So, we have: buckskin, dapple grey, apparitional white, blue-roan, brown, strawberry-roan, and devil-saur red!
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For those 'gamers' out there who just like to play (as well as for you hobbyists/artists out there who know what I mean), each miniature painted is really a labor of love!  Each miniature you paint is unique and becomes even more unique when you add paint to it!  Really LOVE the result of how these guys turned out!
Already posted this guy once, but since I have the beastmen finished, I wanted to share each one individually.  First off, I did the bases using fast-drying 'white-stuff' to give them that "Chaos Wasteland" feel (these guys are probably tossing the pigskin in the deserts out there!).  Painted No1 with a buckskin color as the owner wanted these guys in 'natural' tones.  Love the pose!
The No2 Beastman I painted in an 'apparitional white' because he looks like he is gliding... almost as if he were a ghost!  He is incredibly lean and looks almost malnourished.  That, coupled with his 'punk' mowhawk, it just seemed the right color-scheme for him!
Beastman No3 was painted a 'strawberry-roan' color due to his goat-like horns and positional forward movement like he is getting ready to head-butt someone!
Here are all three... the Gruesome Threesome!
Well, there are still a few more to put up... which I will include in tomorrow's post!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sunny Side Up!

Well, I was setting up to take some pics of some Imperial Fist Space marines, and had a thought: I really should be including things that I have learned over the many years of painting (most of which came from others), and contributing to the knowledge base out there in like manner!  So, today is a picture of my work area...with a purpose:
At first glance, you will notice the usual stuff: lots of paints, brushes, painting sticks, paint-tray, blah, blah, blah... (and yes Joey, I put my painting water next to my glass of water--I just use different tumblers! :D)
Upon closer inspection you will see super glue, a small trimming and cutting mat, some plastic orc bitz, some bases, a WIP inquisitor model, some WIP wood elf minis, some WIP 40k Orcs being converted for Blood Bowl, A Blood Bowl Chaos team, along with a few other things... but the thing that probably escaped your attention is the LIGHT! Natural light (whenever you can get it) is a MUST for painting! And now,on to the next thing I really wanted to discuss...
That would be this bad boy right here... *ta da* a portable paint station!  I will get into more details later, but here is the thing, I do ALOT of traveling with trade shows as a caricature artist.  Soooo... what do you do in the hotel at night when you don't have anything to do? PAINT of course! So there you have it: the indispensable, portable, all-in-one, totable paint box! (to be continued!)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sylvan Air Assault

This is a commission job I took for a coach in the Blood Bowl League that I participate in.  He wanted to have his team painted in pink to match his pink pitch that he uses.  Ironic how colors seem to come in globs!  The "Emporer's Children" bottle I have is almost depleted which may contribute as to why feel like I am painting so much pink of late! ;D
This is the model he uses for his chainsaw "secret weapon" mini... I like the dainty-attitudinal pose, with the cheerleader skirt, gloves and goggles! Fun mini to paint!

His two blitzers for the team; if I recall correctly, in the first match he played with these gals (which happened to be against me), his No6 Blitzer got three casualties against my team: two (2) badly hurts and a (1) kill!  She was a machine!

Here is the whole team, ready to scrap it up!  I really like the overall look of the team as it is still very 'girly' but the armor, fist weapons, and poses still make them look very dangerous! (That No6 blitzer looks particularly menacing!)
I really need to get back with this coach to get better pics.  I took these almost as an after-thought when I was walking out the door to deliver them.  I stopped and thought, "Hmmm.... maybe I had better take some pics, just in case!"  Just in case for what?  (At the time I didn't know I would be doing this blog!) I am glad I did!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Hobbyist vs. Gamer#1

These pics were from a recent match played where both teams were painted to a very good standard... how awesome is it to play with cool minis!!!  Reminded me of a situation years ago (during a tournament) that forced me to realize that I am a hobbyist-gamer... not JUST a gamer! :D
(click here for a more detailed match report from Chris's Board & Brush)
Here are the Crusaders and Razorcats ready to scrap it up!  It kind of "begs the question" then: Why do some 'gamers' (really, we are hobbyists) put so much effort into painting?  It is simply because really cool minis add to the 'imagination' aspect of play! Whereas a Gamer just wants to get in a match!
Here are two Ogre's (No93 Mighty Zug sub) and my Ogre (Norg'n'Thorg sub), getting ready to duke it out!  Having nicely painted minis not only shows the care one takes towards the game, but also shows respect to the hobby itself.  Because a gamer is not a hobbyist (and that's okay), understand... they just want the match!
Going after the ball carrier! (which I managed to jar loose, and then the Cats picked it up and scored against me! Ugh!)  A hobbyist enjoys the mental 'get-away' of painting in addition to playing a game!  Additionally, it shows a level of 'expertise' or competence in the individual...
It might even provide a PsyOps advantage over an opponent! ;D
Remember: a gamer just wants to get in a match!
Kalidorgrom (my Ogre which I use the Morg mini for...) going after some stray cat meat for dinner!  All-in-all, a gamer should respect the hobbyist/gamer for what he/she is: someone who takes an interest in the entire hobby of game-play.  Likewise, a hobbyist should not expect more out of a gamer other than the fact that they want to get in a good match!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Chaos Warrior w/Chainsaw

This outstanding mini from Willy Miniatures belongs to a friend/client of mine who happens to play in our RL Blood Bowl league.  (The minotaur I posted earlier in the month is part of this team!)  When I saw this Chaos Warrior w/Chainsaw, he immediately reminded me of a pro-wrestler... so the colors reflect that!  The owner told me he didn't care what color it was, so I added some pink to go with the team he belongs too! Really like how he turned out!
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Friday, October 25, 2013

Barak Varr Midshipmen Dwarves

This is a follow-up to yesterday's post regarding my match against the undead team; I have been more inspired by college teams the last few years as opposed to pro-football teams.  A coach in my league (unwittingly) inspired me to pursue this venue!  I have a couple of teams in the works, but I thought my Callous Dowboys uniforms were looking a little dingy, and (being a former Marine) I was inspired by the Naval Academy's uniforms.  Sooo... trying out the "Barak Varr Midshipmen" uniforms and would appreciate your opinion! Click this link to take five seconds and VOTE! :D
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Thursday, October 24, 2013


I have been behind on alot of projects of late, including my RL Blood Bowl league matches.  Seeing the opportunity to get in a couple of games yesterday... I took advantage!  My first match was with a coach I played last week, so I couldn't bring my humans (can't play the same team twice in a row!), so I had to bring in a fairly new dwarf team.  The difference in team values was significant, so I put good use to the $$$ and brought in Morg'n'Thorg!  Yes, he costs 430K to field... but he is worth every penny at ST6, AG3, MA6, Block and no bonehead!  This is what my opponent posted in our league forum:

"Morg was huge. He had 3 casualties, was in on the defensive play that made my long shot Td that much more difficult, and was part of his main Td chance. He was all over the place!" So... today's post is dedicated to that celebrity Ogre!

Upper left: Morg keeping pressure off of the entire left side!
Upper Right: Morg keeping two mummies, a wight and two zombies at bay!
Bottom Left: Morg providing some blocking to cage up!
Bottom Right: Morg taking out a Block/Dodge/Side-Step/Fend Ghoul annoyance!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


This is a mini that I bought years ago to add to my Warhammer Quest collection (which I ended up selling) and so this  guy has been sitting in my collection half-painted for years.  Over the last couple of weeks as I have been pursuing my many projects, I have kept him on my painting table adding a little here... and a little their as I have been finishing up other minis.  Let me know what you think by clicking here at:

Monday, October 21, 2013

Chaos Beastman

This is the first (of several) beastmen that I have recently painted for a client to test the color scheme he wanted... will be posting the rest of'em, along with other team members! (yes, yes... more teasers!)
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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Blood Bowl Norse Team

This is a team of Blood Bowl Norsemen that I did quite awhile ago for a young friend of mine who participates in our league.  I was under the gun to get them completed for a tournament that he was going to be attending, so I used several 'speed' painting techniques to complete them (including the 'army painter' method)... not bad results!
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Norse Yehtee:
Norse Linemen:
Norse Catchers:
Norse Ulfwerner
Norse Blitzers:

Friday, October 18, 2013

Warhammer Quest Warrior Priest

While working on my several other art, and mini projects... this OOP GW Warhammer Quest Priest has been sitting on the sidelines.  Whenever I had paint drying, or primer setting, basing work glueing, or other 'in-between' stuff... this guy would get some paint added to him!  Really like the result!
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I decided against the traditional black and red of a priest, and went with softer whites and off-whites, coupled with regal blue to give it a more 'celestial' feel... I like the result! Hope you do to!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Warhammer 40K Gretchin

These grots (gretchin) are part of a "beach assault" unit that I am working on amidst my many other miniature projects that are underway... thought they were pretty cool in a quirky sorta way--so here they are!
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I think the 'ninja' hooded one with the revolver is cool... but the one with the 'bug-eyed' goggles makes me crack up!  Who could take these things seriously in combat?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Blood Bowl High Elf Catchers

These are the GW converted plastic Dark Elf Corsair minis, with the mits off of the human GW BB plastic catchers, to create the catchers for my High Elf team the Tor Achare Titans!  I gave each one a different pose with different hair color to distinguish them on the pitch.  Remember my previous post? (notice the yellow bands and the yellow cloaks!)
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I like how the dip added the extra look of being 'dirty' like they have been scrapping it up on the pitch!  No6 (Valiananore) is currently leading the league in TD's!
WOOOT!!! Go Val!!!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Blood Bowl Game Rank

All right sports/gaming fans!  Found this the other day, and I just had to put it up! (Nothing really to do with minis, per se, directly...)  If you go to the "Ranker" website by clicking on the link provided, you will see that with over 380,000+ views, and over 7,800+ votes on the BEST 100 table-top board games of all time... BLOOD BOWL was ranked (as of this morning) 75th! Yeppers! Beating out other GW produced games (except for Space Hulk which was 53rd)! Amazing!

Blood Bowl High Elf Blitzers

Yes... I put in two posts today since I missed yesterday's (waaaay too many irons in the fire!)  This is a pair of High Elf Blitzers for my Blood Bowl Team, the Tor Achare Titans!  These minis were conversions for the GW Warhammer Dark Elf Corsairs, and (as with my throwers), the "Army Painter" method was used, once again, to get them quickly on the pitch.  You may also notice that their dragon-hide cloaks are a different color... that is to help distinguish positions on the pitch, ie: White = Thrower, Red = Blitzer, Green = Hitter, Yellow = Catcher, Grey = Lineman, and Blue = Big Guy/Star Player! There you have it!
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Blood Bowl High Elf Throwers

Last week I posted on (of two) throwers for my High Elf Blood Bowl Team, the Tor Achare Titans!  Here are BOTH throwers ready to scrap it up!  They models are conversions from: GW Dark Elf Corsairs, arms from the GW Blood Bowl Human Throwers, and legs from GW Dark Eldar Troops.  As I hate playing with unpainted minis on the pitch, I used the "Army Painter" method to get these guys done quickly... not bad results!
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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Blood Bowl Chaos Minataur

This is an OUTSTANDING miniature produced by Willy Miniatures that I was commissioned to do for a friend/client who is an active coach in the Blood Bowl League I am in--what a grandiose guy!  There are several minis that I am finishing up for him... this is just an appetizer!
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The "Chaos Pink" was a definite 'must have' for the guy that asked me to do the team... he was adamant about it!  I think the result is Pretty Pinktimidating! 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Chainmail Dwarf Warrior

This is a miniature that I came across years ago, and absolutely LOVED the pose of this dwarven maiden/hero!  She looks so tenacious!  She has that "I am coming after you with me ginormous 'ead-choppa axe, crazy huge shield, and flaming red-hair!!!"
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I think this is a Ral Partha mini... but I am not sure; if you happen to know the manufacturer or sculptor, please let me know so that I can give proper credit where credit is due!
Update Oct 13: Was reminded by Bebi626 that this was a WOTC production when they were pushing the re-release of Gygax's Chainmal.  This mini is OOP, but there is a fan group now that supports Chainmail (kinda like Blood Bowl! *wink*)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Blood Bowl Jordell Freshbreeze

This is Jordell Freshbreesze, Wood Elf Wardancer Star Player for Elf Blood Bowl teams produced by GW clear back in the mid 90's!  Love the dynamic pose!  There is an entire Wood Elf team that will be forthcoming on here... just need to catch up on some finishing touches for them, and then I will post them all!  (Yes, the Treeman blocker is part of this motley crew!)
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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Necromunda Mad Donna Ulanti

Here's a 'throwback' mini that I have had in my mini collection for years... Mad Donna Ulanti!  I purchased Necromunda when it first came out, and enjoyed playing it.  Due to the rapid increase in games hitting the market, coupled with the strong foothold that 40K, Fantasy and Blood Bowl had among GW fans... the game never really took off! At any rate, here is the Donna's bio as well as the link to the PDF with her player stats.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Warhammer 40K Fist Commander Gallery #2

A couple of days ago, I posted the pic of the Imperial Fists Commander; the pics were not that great, and the base was rudimentary.  It was (more or less) an attempt to see how a bad pic, and a bad base will affect the perception of whether or not this is a Cool Mini or Not!  Here are the updated pics, with the new base... tell me what you think!
(This item is up for auction at Ebay!)


Monday, October 7, 2013

Blood Bowl High Elf Thrower

You might notice that (of late) my focus is on Blood Bowl: love the game, and love the fact that you can paint a 'themed' team knowing that there is a 'light' at the end of the tunnel painting wise!  I do have some 40K projects I am working on, but I wanted to share this High Elf Thrower I converted from Warhammer DE Corsairs, and a human plastic thrower, and a 40K DE troop; I really like the result!
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I actually have an entire team that I did (which I will post up at a later date) but the result is very pleasing to me!  The BEST thing about the "Tor Achare Titans" (color scheme after Tennessee Titans--just 'fit' with Tor Achare) is that these are one-off minis that NOBODY else has... most appealing!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Blood Bowl Human Team

I was able to squeeze in a match against a venerable "TD Denying" coach in my league today... very pleasurable guy!  We were talking about how much we enjoy our human teams, and it inspired me to put these guys up (thanks Chris!)

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This is a repaint of my original 'out-of-the-box' Blood Bowl humans from years ago (which I sold); but I always got so many compliments on them... I bought another set of humans and repainted them!  Love getting these minis on the pitch--one of my favorite active teams!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Warhammer 40K Fist Commander Gallery #1

This is a Space Marine Hero (Imperial Fist, Third Company Commander) that I converted a while ago: he is assembled from the original space marine hero mini (picture inset) along with the combi-weapon from Space Marine Lord Azrael.  Additionally, he has been fitted with the bionical arm and power sword from a vintage space marine veteran sergeant.  The helmet comes from another veteran vintage mini.   VERY versatile and an amazing one-off miniature!
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Below you can see some of the custom built and painted WYSIWYG items that are included: Master-crafted bolter/plasma gun from Lord Azrael, frag & krak grenades, bionics, terminator honors, purity seals, laurels (iron halo), and a power sword!
(Apologies for the poor lighting in these pics... needed to hurry and get this post in!)