Monday, August 27, 2018

Wolf Lord Majesty!!!

With the recent release of the New 8th Edition Codex, I had to do something fun, engaging and spectacular!  What better thing to do than kit-bash a new Wolf Lord in Gravis Armor!!!  This was a particularly difficult piece because of all the custom work required!  Pulling wolfy capes from terminators, trimming, cutting, green-stuffing in gaps... I am quite pleased with the final result!
Standing erect, bellowing a howl to charge forward into the fray!

Varying sides showing off some of the detail!

...other angles to see the intricate work put into this model!

Spent Brass at his feet!

Little bit closer look at the front!

Sure had great fun putting this guy together!
Let me know what you think!!!

This guy is up for sale on Ebay at: 

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Rocky Mountain Rampage Rocks!!!

Well friends, I was given the fortunate opportunity by Bryan Tew to paint up this fantastic sculpt of a yhetee by Jason Warren of Glove Ink Studio, for the Rocky Mountain Rampage Blood Bowl Tournament this weekend, hosted at Blackfyre Games in Orem, Utah!  Bryan, the tournament organizer, asked if I could do something in "yellow"!!! (I know right???) But I decided it would be a particular difficult challenge as yellow pigments and tinctures in paint are very translucent and tough to do... and do well!  (The lighting washes out the yellow a bit, but trust... it is there!) Then, add to the fact, that I wanted to produce a 'rougher', matted down fur effect, on some smoother parts of the mini, which requires a different brush technique, and I decided to tackle the challenge!  Hope you enjoy the result!

Really love this dynamic pose!

The direction of the fur, really adds to the 'momentum' of the character!

This big guy is alllll pewter... trying to balance him on that small base was a challenge!

Really enjoyed painting those big toes! Good Fun!!!

Great detail on the hands, feet, and anatomical positioning of everything!

Here he is, charging down the field to clobber some poor, unwitting opponent!
THANK YOU for taking the time to peek!

For those you of you that have time, and inclination, don't miss out on this great event...
The Rocky Mountain Rampage Blood Bowl Tournament!
 Link for the Rampage:

Link for Jason's Sudio:

Link for Blackfyre Games:

Thursday, December 28, 2017

W.I.P. Wednesday... (Sort of!)

For those of you who are part of the non-nerd-modeler/painter crowd, a  W.I.P. is an acronym for a "Work In Progress" and has become something of a nerdy-phenomenon in the modeling, gaming, pro-painter world.  This is a 'sort-of'' post because... well it isn't Wednesday (It's Thursday-although my brain is still locked in last night) and it isn't a W.I.P., it is a completed project.  But, enough banter... here ya go!

Games Workshop released the boxed game Overkill almost two years ago, with some fabulous sculpts  for Deathwatch Space Marine armies.  It took me a bit to convert over from vanilla Space Marines painted like Deathwatch, to an actual Deathwatch army, but once I did... it has been a lot of fun!  Jetek Suberei, is the White Scar Biker sculpt that comes with the set.  One of the things that makes him so cool, is the Deathwatch bike, with it's accompanying scroll-work and Inquisition iconography.
Since the release of the model, I have wanted to do another comparable build, using the model but making a space wolf, since much of the markings would work well with a grey hunter seconded into the Deathwatch.  I had to be careful to not disrupt alot of the fine detail, so searching for the right bits did a little bit of doing, but I finally got around to it, and am pretty pleased with the result.

In a bit of a rush to get to work (so the pics are more amateurish), but I hope you like the finished product!!!

Jetek next to the converted Jarl Magnesun of the Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company!

Jarl, re-pleat with proper Space Wolf markings on his Deathwatch Bike!

All the proper Space Wolf shield, wolf-totems, and blades have been swapped out from the original model!

I used the torso and big, nasty, battle-axe from the Thudnerwolf Cavalry kit (had to work to locate one) in order to make it really appropriate! I also added another wolf totem above the neat Skyclaw chainsword I acquired!

I also added the Thuderwolf Cavalry head to the model, with the beard flowing in the wind to finish it off! Really enjoyed this project, and am very happy with the final product!

What are your thoughts?

Monday, November 27, 2017

Deathwatch Frag Cannon Build!!!

With the viability of Deathwatch armies in 8th Ed Warhammer 40k, it was time to get serious about adding some Deathwatch Frag Cannons to my army!  They are hard to come by, so I pilfered through my bits box, and figured out an inexpensive way to build one outta bits!!! Yes!!! So, without further adieu... her ya go!

Everyone should have a bits box, if you are a serious modeler... this is your "go to" place to kit-bash, franky-build, etc.  This is my Space Marine bits box, which is a sectioned-tackle box purchased from Wal-Mart!

You are going to need: One (1) Heavy Bolter; six to seven (6-7) Space Marine frag/crack grenade glue-ons; one (1) Heavy Bolter magazine; one (1) Orkboy Shoota; some plastic rods off of some flashing;
and some Green-Stuff!

First thing you are going to want to do, is cut the Heavy-Bolter Belt off of the gun with some clippers...

You will want to notch, or cut the Heavy Bolter magazine so that it fits into the place where the belt was attached to the Heavy Bolter (Sorry gang, I forgot to take a pic); but once that is done, you will want to start gluing the grenade packs onto the gun and magazine...

Once as that is done, clip the end of the Orkboy gun barrel off and glue it to the end of the Heavy Bolter.  Glue on the rods, and then Green-stuff the casings around the rods in!

Here is the finished Fragcannon on the right!!! On the left, is the "actual" Fragcannon produced by GW! Because the bits are all from GW products, and it is almost unrecognizable from a distance... it is totally legit for tournaments! Enjoy your build!!!

Here is another variation build on youtube that is even quicker... and while it doesn't look as authentic as mine (IMO) it still looks GREAT!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Deathwatch Devotion!

Yes, it has been quite some time since I posted (life, life, life... what can I say?!)  I recently participated in an ITC Tourney, which was loooong overdue!  My painting, modeling, and tourney attendance has really taken a hit... it was time to get out!

While there, I had several very kind and gracious comments about the paint on my Deathwatch Army (Thank you all!)  An artist always appreciates the kind words!  At any rate, I don't know that anyone in the area that I live in currently knows: a) That I started this army about five years ago, largely due to the versatility it provided in chapter tactics by playing ALL the Space Marine Chapters, b) that it was several years PRIOR to the release of the 7th Ed Deathwatch Codex, c) It has been a true passion of mine for several reasons (which I will get into later)... for now, I thought I would share a few pics of the army on display!
 The Full Army!

 Yes... I finally broke down and bought a Titan for support!

 I use the Vindicators in an "add-on" Space Marine Patrol Detachment... they are beastly!

 Characters including: Two Watch Masters Scratch Build (over fourteen bits a piece!), Watch Captain with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield, Watch Captain Artemis, and Inquisitor Galandor Kree!

 Scout squad with Sergeant Torias Telion
Some of the kill teams with various weapons, but most of all... frag cannons! (Second row back, far right was scratch built! I'll put a post up on how to do it!)

 Every single model has a alot of personalized detail...

Including a name and chapter taken right out of the black library books, codexes, and other literature!

Thanks for taking the time to sneak a peak! Sure enjoy playing the game with so many of you!!!

(If you haven't seen "Deathwatch -- Tyranid Invasion" By Rodeo Games, Unreal Engine and GW... check it out!)

Sunday, May 22, 2016

"The Jump!"

This might not be how it happened, but this is how I remember it.  I believe it was the summer of 1982, when we all decided to head to the nearby park to take on “the Jump.”  I was twelve at the time.  When I say “we” I refer to the group of friends that I use to hang out with in the old neighborhood I grew up in: Mike the tallest, the strongest and silent leader of the group; his friend Steve, the typical nerd with glasses, skinny and annoyingly smart; my best buddy, Steve (Mike’s younger brother) and the taller and more athletic of the two of us; and Bobby, frequently with us, somehow awkwardly filling in the gaps; and me, average height, average build, average intelligence, and average looks, just plain average.

The summer in question would be memorable for many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons was that this summer, my best buddy Steve, would tame “the jump.”  The "Jump" was a hardened pile of dirt that came up to about waist height on an average adult.  But, to us kids… it was huge!  Every now, and again, when we would muster enough courage (or needed to settle a bragging score) we would head to the jump.  On this particular day, we headed down to see if someone could beat the current distance record.  We kept it marked in the dirt, until the winter snow would melt and erase the previous summer’s record.

We took turns backing up in the park in order to get a good run.  We would peddle as fast as we could to get some decent air, and land our efforts with smug smiles and taunts for the next candidate to have a go at it.  To this day, I don’t know what possessed him, but my best friend Steve backed up farther than anyone ever had.  In fact, he backed all the way up to the backstop on the baseball diamond! He backed up so far, there was no more space to back up to!  We all stared at him in disbelief.  What was he doing?  Was he crazy?  He got a determined look in his eye, and started to peddle.  He peddled, faster and faster.  He peddled so fast, his feet were a blur!  By the time he hit the jump, he had so much velocity and momentum, that time slowed down.  It was as if everything slipped into slow motion!

Steve rode a bright yellow-orange bike, with a dark orange seat and hand grips.  Tassels danced in the wind when he rode it, and there was a glorious phoenix emblazoned on the banana seat.  That day we watched, as everything seemingly stood still, Steve's bike had so much moment that it left him!  It actually left him in the air!  The bike took on a life of it’s own, climbing higher and higher in the sky.  Steve reached out in desperation, and at the last moment, he grabbed onto the rail behind the seat.  We watched the whole seen; Steve's bike, wheels and pedals spinning, orange phoenix seat ablaze in the sun, with Steve flying behind his bike like Superman.  He flew, and flew and flew.  We all watched mystified, knowing that we were about to witness a new, all-time-and-forever, best jump record!

When Steve’s bike finally landed (with Steve in tow), it crashed erupting into a pile of dust; bicycle tires, handlebars, tassels, orange, sneakers, arms and legs all jumbled together.  We watched in stunned silence.  When the dust finally settled, we felt like we had just witnessed Neil Armstrong landing on the moon!  It was magnificent!  Steve, had not only beaten the record… he had shattered it!  We all ran over, to congratulate him.  When we got to him (inspecting him to make sure he hadn’t broken anything) we noticed a few minor scrapes and a trickle of blood coming down his nose, but he was intact.  A sheepish grin creased his face as we all slapped him on the back with cheers of, “Man, that was awesome!” and “That was incredible!” and “Way to go, Steve!” and I blurted out “Holy smokes, wait ‘til everyone hears about this!”

Steve, walked a little taller that day.  His funky, orange, phoenix bicycle seemed to be more mystical now than it had previously been.  That was the day that I learned from my friend Steve, not to be so afraid to take on challenges that seemed bigger than I could handle.  That was the day that I learned how important it is to face our fears head-on.  That was the day that Steve, and the rest of us (though it was vicariously), conquered "the Jump!"

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Deathwatch Terminator Captain of the Watch!

I still remember walking into the local game store Christmas of 1993, and seeing that Second Edition box of 40K sitting on the shelf.  I think since then I have bought, modeled, painted, and then sold at least five space marine armies: Ultramarines, Imperial Fists, Space Wolves, Grey Knights, and then another Fists army... could never settle.  Then I had the brilliant idea to play all of them!  The Deathwatch is comprised of Marines from all the different chapters seconded to serve for a period of time in the watch under the leadership of the Inquisition.  It is setup much like a space marine chapter.  Although there is really not a first company, Adeptus Astartes still wear terminator armor.

This post is in regard to a Deathwatch Captain that I scratch built about seven months ago (further below), taken from the newer Blood Angel Terminator Captain pictured here:
I made several changes, on the Deathwatch Captain (below) in an effort to make him more 'neutral' from the one pictured here above: I swapped out the head, axe, and storm bolter, replacing them with a relic bade and/or the burning blade and a storm shield. Notice, that I even removed the Blood Angel jewels, replacing them with Terminator Honors.  The Iron Halo and back banner were also adds:
 Here are some frontal views (see the combi-plas mag locked on his leg?): well as the back:

I fully intended on taking him as a chapter master to tank some Terminators.  I modeled him with a fancy storm shield to use it as the Shield Eternal giving him that 3+ invulnerable save, and bestowing him with the "Eternal Warrior" characteristic.  Selecting him as a Chapter Master would also allow him to fire his Orbital Bombardment while in terminator armor, having the "Relentless" ability.

Playing Inquisition gives me access to other neat tricks, like bringing in a contingency of Grey Knights, and taking Brother Captain Stern with the "Sanctuary" power, buffing the Captain to a 2+ invulnerable save.  Finally, attaching him to a Deathwing Terminator Command Squad, with an Apothecary attached, gave him the "Feel No Pain" ability, rolling off wounds on a 5+!!! 

I played him like this one time; he was expensive point wise, but it was sooooo nasty! I didn't have the heart after that, to bring him out in a friendly game again because I realized that in playing him as such, I might have become that "one guy" that nobody wants to play.

I try really hard to play my Deathwatch with the lore, and fluffy background, so he hasn't seen any combat since that game because he doesn't really fit my style of play...

  But he may fit yours! He is a fantastic model, and hope that he will find a good home!