Friday, January 17, 2020

Proper Venerable Chaplain Dreadnought Livery Conversion!!!

What a GREAT time to be involved in the world of Warhammer 40,000 and the current competitive scene!  It has been such a wonderful experience being involved these past few years, enjoying a hobby that I absolutely love!!! However, as the world of competitive 40k starts to become more "standardized" sometimes there are expectations that can bring some challenges as we adapt.

Being a dedicated Deathwatch player, and having to be creative with the limited unit choices we have to bring to bare, my fellow Xenos hunters have been aware of the Venerable Chaplain Dreadnought for some time.

With the recent change in the meta to be Space Marine Heavy, it seems that the world-at-large has discovered the Venerable Chaplain Dred... and now they are very difficult to find, and I think Forgeworld might have even discontinued them! Soooo... what is one to do?!  Well, here is a suitable conversion that is equitable in size, and (in this hobbyist's opinion) might just fit the bill!

Here is a side-by-side comparison of my conversion on the left, Deathwatch Chaplain Venerable Dreadnought, Gormann the Elder of the Crimson Fists; and the actual Venerable Chaplain Dreadnought borrowed from a friend!

Now, lets get into the actual build! You will need: 1) the Blood Angel Death Company Dreadnought Sarcophagus, and 2) the Blood Angel Furioso Sarcophagus!

Next, you will need to separate the center part of the Death Company Sarcophagus from the side panels, and do the same for the Furioso Sarcophagus! Be careful not to trim too far into the structure of the pieces you will need to glue together!

If you haven't already built the main body of the Sarcophagus, you will want to do that next.  Now glue one of the "winged" panels of the Librarian Sarcophagus to the body.

Next, glue the other "winged" panel of the Furioso Dreadnought to the body.

Now, you will want to put in the Death Company Sarcophagus center piece, making sure it fits before gluing it down.  You can always do a little trimming if need be to get a snug fit!

You may need to put in some green-stuff to take-care of any "major" mistakes.  Now, using your modeling glue to secure the center piece down, put some glue in between the panels and centerpiece to chemically "weld" it together the pieces together! Voila!!

Now, I can put either two close combat weapons on with dual Storm Bolters...

Or, I can put a heavy weapon... like a Lascannon!!!

Now we have a very convincing conversion, using all Games Workshop parts, for a solid Chaplain Venerable Dreadnought Conversion for competitive play! Now go out there and get some "For the Emperor!!!"

Friday, August 9, 2019

Kicking Assassinorum!

A few months ago, Games Workshop announced new rules to bring back the Officio Assassinorum in the table top game Warhammer 40,000 (or 40K) as a playable force.  They have been unplayable and virtually absent for almost two whole editions!  It has been so fun bringing back these operatives and, as an Inquisition player, they have been a nice-flexible contingency unit(s) to add back into my Deathwatch army!  The new rules, and ability to bring them as a one-off force, or as a whole Vanguard attack force, has been fluffy fun but also game changing at times.  Here is the quad left to right: Culexus, Vindicare, Callidus, and Eversor!
Deployment of one (or all) of the Officio Assassinorum can strike fear into the heart of an opponant!

The Culexus Assassin's Animus speculum can target Psychers with deadly accuracy, but his "soul horror" presence can cause the enemy to freeze with fear, while their allies hack down the foe in hand-to-hand combat!

The Vindicare is a sniper-extraordinaire: with his spy mask, and Executor Rifle coupled with turbo penetrator rounds, no Leader, Captain, Sergeant, or Field Commander is safe from his deadly aim!

The Callidus Assassin is uniquely equipped with Polymorphine drugs enabling her to "shape-change" and assume the identity of enemy combatants and leaders... think that is a Commisar leading your troupe? Think again!!! She materializes out of nowhere, taking the lives of those that oppose the Emperor of mankind!

The Eversor is a Hyper-metabolised Assassin, equipped with an executioner pistol and neurogauntlet, able to get into to close-quarters in the blink of an eye! One minute you think you are safe... the next moment you are dead!

Hope you enjoyed glancing at these models!
Here is a link to more info on the assassins with the info about each temple they come from: 

Friday, May 17, 2019

Frontline Gaming ITC 40K Hobby Track Showcase!

Never would I have thought that in my lifetime I would have a championship trophy sitting on my mantle for being the best in the world at anything!  But, last year in 2018 from among 3,500+ individually recognized and registered participants, I was selected as being the very best "Hobbyist" in the Frontline Gaming's, Independent Tournament Circuit, for the Warhammer 40k Hobby!!!

A huge "Thank You" to Reece Robbins, President and CEO of Frontline, as well as his business partner and Co-Founder, Frankie Giampapa and COO, and all the rest of the Frontline Crew: Jason Butler, Pablo Martinez, Mariana Vera, Pascal DeForeset (and everyone else there) who have brought and continue to bring, a viable and fair/fun way to hobby and play 40k!!! They have become the "Go-To" folks for everything competitive 40K, AoS, and so many other games! Thank you to Frontline's  ITC Tournament Organizers, like Chris Morgan, for creating the scoring rubric and making sure they stayed true to their judging criteria! Thanks to you all for sticking with it... even when there were times you may have felt it wasn't worth pursuing!

Thanks to all the competitors, for without which, there is no competition!  A shout-out to my team-mates: Thomas Heagstrom-Oaky, Seth Beddes, Rich Kilton, Dave Johansen, Bryan Humpherys, James Weston, Scott Rumple, and Christian Bernfield, for helping me with ideas, concepts, and fine-tuning things to completion!  Thanks to the community for all the love and support, and to the Utah Community for being so kind and supportive--great peeps, all of ya!!!

Lastly, without my family and my wife's support, it wouldn't have happened! Thanks, dear for putting up with, and enthusiastically supporting this crazy hobby of mine.  Thanks, to my daughters for encouraging my art, and to my boys for picking up the hobby and rolling dice with dad!

"For Humanity!!! For the Emperor!!!!"

Here is a picture of me receiving the award from Reece... Epic!

Here is the award itself, accompanied by a few of my characters that helped bring it home!

Here is a picture of the display at the convention, ready to be judged!  From bottom to top, it is almost 36 inches in vertical height!

Thanks to #Battlefoam for being my "go to" bag of choice for protecting my minis!

Here is the link to Frontline Gaming's ITC 40k Hobby Track, Champion's Army on Display for several pics of the army and the display board!

Thanks for taking a peek and sharing in this moment with me!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Patience is Always Your Best Paintbrush!

At the end of 2018, after a gruelling year of competition, I ended up winning the Frontline Gaming Hobby Track title and bringing home the trophy! I felt this to be a capstone accomplishment in my "hobbying" as I have been doing this for over 25+ years, and there were over 3,500 ranked competitors world-wide!!! It was kind of an emotional time for me as I went up to collect the trophy, and "yes" I did get a little misty.  As I walked up to meet Reece Robbins, CEO of FLG, I was reminded of the many, many, many late nights over the years painting, and hobbying and enjoying this game.  It truly was a sweet moment!  I am so grateful for the opportunity to compete and win!  Below is a pic of the trophy along with some of my characters that brought home the victory. 

I was reminded of a letter I wrote over 25 years ago, to a dear friend of mine, Mr. Ken Rhodes who owned and operated the local gaming store after losing the painting side of a tournament I attended late October of '98 in Cedar City, Utah (I think there were six, or eight of us total).  The tournament was an important turning point for me, because it forced me to realize I was "in fact" a hobbyist The letter was written November 1st, 1998, shortly after the 3rd edition release of Warhammer 40k.  Included are all its incorrect grammar mistakes and typos.  I am still friends with Ken to this day, and those stalwart few guys who helped get the hobby going in Southern Utah: Chad Hardin, William Bagnall, Steffan Holmes, Tony Pectol, Mike Kenefick, along with a few others!  Thanks, to all, who helped me along this 25 year journey, to claim the prize!!!  Below, is the reprint of the letter... crazy to see where the game, myself as a hobbyist, and the community have come!!!

November 1, 1998

Dear Ken,

I guess this is sort of a confession of a closet hobbyist that is just coming to the realization of the fact that I am indeed a hobbyist.  I used to view such as geeky-little nerd-oids that wore Spock ears and officer dress to Treki conventions.  I see that this is not the case as I look at myself in present circumstances and realize that, while 40k is a stress reliever for me, I am into the total hobby experience as Games Workshop refers to it.

I’ve been seething this evening about the tournament today and venting with William (my brother) about some things that took place that made us rather unhappy.  I might add, before I continue, that there are no hard feelings directed toward you, and that anytime you want to get a game in just call. Having said that, I wanted to write to you that I might be able to put to bed some things that I have been mulling over in my mind this evening.

I have come to the conclusion that the biggest reason why I play Warhammer 40,000 is because I enjoy the people, barring few exceptions, that are associated with it.  It is fun to talk about imaginary clashes that take place on an imaginary battle field with monolithic war machines and devastating super-soldiers.  I enjoy sharing in each other’s victories and defeats.  I enjoy seeing the latest conversions, and to hear about the frustrations that went into an ultimately triumphant piece of miniature artwork and to see the creativity of the human mind displayed in 25mm scale.  Ultimately, I enjoy the smiles and laughs that come from participating in the hobby.  However, I haven’t witnessed the hobby experience for awhile in the tournaments sponsored by Adventures Unbound.  I would even go so far as saying that, while the title claims it, I have felt anything but “unbound” in participating in events sponsored by your proprietorship.  Let me share with you why...

First of all the tournaments have been terribly stacked against those who have tried to play with the “spirit” of the game instead of trying to go for a strait-up tournament win.  Since the new rules have come out, I have terribly optimistic about the overall fairness of the game.  I have been patiently waiting for the next 40k tournament to be sponsored by Adventures Unbound to see how the new rules were to be reflected.  When I finally got the news about the new rules, I was overjoyed to learn that finally the total hobby experience was going to be promoted. 

Secondly, when I found out that Army painting and Army selection could quite possibly earn you up to 60 points I thought, “finally, four years of hard work and patience have finally paid off!”  I went into a frenzy to finish the many minor changes in my army that I had started to work on two weeks ago in preparation for this tournament.  Reconfiguring squads, adding purity seals, painting on terminator honors, swapping arms, switching weapons, shaving here, trimming there, doing everything to make sure that: 1) The theme of my army maintained its integrity.  2) Every miniature to be used in the tournament was painted in detail. 3) My army was evenly balanced and reflected the spirit of the game. 4) All miniatures were armed as shown. 5) It was a very characterful army that really went right to the heart of the spirit of the Space Marine chapter that I command.  After being given the impression that this was going to be a major part of the tournament, I tried to make sure that I was in compliance with every aspect of the rules, both letter and spirit.  When this did not happen, I was angry to say the least.

Third, I suppose some people would say, “Dude!  Its just a game!” And, to that I would say,”Yes it is.”  But, for those of us that are hobbyists, (Remember, I just cam to the realization that I am one.)  We get slighted when just the commandership is the major factor in scoring.  When Jervis wrote this recent rendition of the rules, he seems to have the hobbyist in mind, not just the gamer.  What does the gamer lose who just wants to play for a good time?  Nothing.  Typically those that show up without painted armies, and haphazardly thrown together army lists care about one thing and one thing only; playing a good, intense game of 40K!  Well, they still get their needs met.  However, for those of us that spend so much more time in conversions and painting, etc.  (And I disagree that there is no such thing as “I don’t have time,” I would gladly match my schedule to anyone’s) we get the proverbial shaft.

Fourth, If you are going to set up some guidelines, please stick to them.  I am stating this at the risk of giving you the impression that you think I am frustrated because I did not win.  This simply is not the case.  I am frustrated because of the time spent by myself, and others, to prepare for this event and have it treated so haphazardly so as to give no value to the time spent preparing for such.  I almost went to the extent of typing up a little booklet and having it bound at Kinko’s to help explain why I chose the army I did and give a little background on my troops, but also to get extra points toward the overall presentation of my army.  I am so glad that I did not have the time to do it because it would have been for naught!

I hope you are not offended by my comments.  You might also know that I am not the only one who feels this way, but will probably only be the one who takes the time to tell you.

Know that I will always value our association and that if I can be of any help in the future, as I have been in the past, I offer my services to you.  I want to preserve the hobby of 40K and continue in associations with those that want to do the same.  It is entertaining and fun.  Maybe painting classes again, get the club up and running, I don’t know.  But one thing I do know is that I do not want to participate in another tournament so haphazardly run.  I suppose in fairness to you, I have no idea what is going on in your life right now, and am maybe being quick to judge.  If I am, I hope that you’ll forgive me.  I would state once again that I hold no malice toward you in anyway.  This is just merely a poor attempt at expressing a frustration in the hopes that maybe it will be of some benefit.

I hope life is going well for you, and that the move to your home has been a blessing for you.  I might add that your association and the chance to game and hobby has pulled me through some low points in my life when I had nothing else to cling to except my wife.  For that I express my sincere appreciation.

Well it’s late and this letter is getting too long.  But I hope it has been of some benefit.  Looking forward to more memories.


Lou Rollins

Monday, May 13, 2019

Deathwatch Smash Captain - Antor Delassio

In preparation for the ITC in 2018, I needed a spectacular centerpiece for my Deathwatch Army, and with Blood Angels having (hands down) the BEST Captains equipped with Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields, I decided on a build.  I pulled together special pieces to get just the right pose and "feel" with the model.  The most important part were the wings--I used the wings from the Celestine model because they create the movement of the wings opening up like the model is getting ready to land.  This is what I ended up with... he ended up taking 2nd Overall at the Las Vegas Open, individual model competition. Let me know what you think!

Watch Captain Antor Delassio!

Upon Wings of Fire!

Charging forward with the Hammer!

Glazing technique used on the wings to get the transition!

Love the Spread!

Dynamic Pose!

Forging ahead in the with an Angel's Vengeance!

Friday, February 1, 2019

Deathwatch Armory Assessment - ITC Hobby Track 2019

Lou Rollins ITC Hobby Track Painting Rubric:

As a hobbyist and painter of 40k miniatures and armies, I have always taken tremendous pride in having a fully painted army.  This year for Frontline Gaming's, Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 Independent Tournament Circuit Hobby Track Competition, there is a painting rubric that is being used for judging:


1) Is the majority of the army painted? Yes, 100% of the army is pro-painted!

2) Is the army Fully Painted (no primer showing)? Yes, 100% of the army painted!

3) Are details such as grenades, buckles, claws etc. painted across the entire army? Yes, 100% of those tiny details are painted, and highlighted!

4) Is the majority of the army shaded and or highlighted? Yes, 100%!

5) Are squad markings or unit identifiers present over the majority of the army? 100%, Yes!

6) Are squad markings or unit identifiers present over the entire army? Yes, and because Deathwatch, Death Company, and Sanuinary Guard are unique I had to get creative with it for you to see it (like put it on the bases!) But it is there!

7) Is the entire army based? Yes, 100%!

8) Are advanced details like eyes, gems, rivets, bone shards/teeth and lenses painted across the entire army? Yes, 100% in phenominal detail!

9) Are advanced techniques like OSL, weathering, camouflage, glowing, NMM or freehand present? Yes, every model has either/or/all OSL, NMM, weathering, camouflage, freehand, etc.

10) Are advanced techniques like OSL, weathering, camouflage, glowing, NMM or freehand over the majority of the army present? Yes, every model has either/or/all OSL, NMM, weathering, camouflage, freehand, etc.

1) Are multiple elements and features visible/painted on the bases for a majority of the army? Yes, every base has multiple elements on the base, as well as free-hand painted squad markings!
2) Are there examples of kitbashing or conversion work present in the army? Yes, everyone of the character models is a kit-bashed conversion!
3) Are there examples kitbashing of conversion work present for the majority of the army? While there is kitbashing present, it is not over the majority of the army.
4) Were all the mold lines removed and gaps filled over the majority of the army? Yes!
5) Are advanced hobby materials used like plasticard and greenstuff? Yes, almost every model has greenstuff somewhere on it to fill gaps, and several advanced hobby techniques were used for the diorama, including foam sculpts, plaster casting, water features, etc.


1) Is a display board and/or a printed original story (background) present for the army? Yes, a lot of time and effort went into the display board, and a couple of online stories can be found at the jump: Hjalkar Redmane and Deathwatch Devotion!

2) Is the basing consistent across the entire army and/or match the display or story? Yes, in fact there are subtle little details in each base that tells a story of its own!

3) Is there a distinctive centerpiece model that stands out from the rest (such as the Warlord or a titanic vehicle), or a focal point for the army? Yes, there are two that compliment each other quite well; a) Blood Angel Captain, Antor Delassio with his Angel’s wing, equipped with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield, and b) my Knight Crusader “Unbowed” piloted by Baron Artimedorous, The Herald of House Terryn!

4) Are all squad leaders, lords, heroes, captains, brain bugs, or nobs etc. distinctive and easily identifiable? Yes, every character is sitting on a raised, platformed base and has a tremendous amount of detail on it… not to mention the iron halo marking!

5) If everything was checked above, then check this box too – This army represents a cohesive force indicative of the Warhammer 40k universe. SWEET!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Hjalkar Redmane - Death and Decay!

His eyes steadily scanned the dust strewn rocks and crags on the alien landscape.  The planet’s twin moons began to set.  Sweat trickled down his back, cooling his body.  More importantly, it cooled his temper.  The coppery taste of blood, mingled with dusty sweat, seeped into the corners of his mouth.  Nostrils flaring, the Deathwatch Marine inhaled the putrid, lingering stench of decay in the surrounding the area.  His vox barked to life, “Brother Hjalkar, do you see anything?” Hjalkar Redmane, of the Space Wolves, had been seconded to the force militant of the Inquistion.  These Adeptus Astartes of the planet Fenris were of the more savage chapters in the line of Space Marines who served the Emperor of mankind.  He constantly had to fight the blood lust, the urge to let his more feral nature overcome him.  However, the constant threats against the Imperium of Mankind, at least allowed him to put his battle skills to good use with regularity… so he didn’t mind.

“No, Mordelai...  at least, not for now!” He retorted, gore still oozing from the teeth of Dragorsbane, his chainsword.  He had just used it to dispatch a small brood of unsuspecting, and mindless, reanimated walkers who had been unfortunate enough to meet him.  His genetic enhancements, coupled with the reinforced bone structure and power armor, had him standing almost three meters in height; tall even for a Space Marine.  Hjalkar, being modest, was worth a hundred guardsmen by himself.  While he dispatched this brood of walkers with relative ease, one had managed to get in a lucky blow to his head knocking off his helmet, and bloodying his lip.

His kill-team had spread out, and while still in Vox range, he could not see anyone.  Suddenly, he caught movement.  “Wait!” He said, more to himself, then to his team.  With these putrescent, walkers around, their masters were certain to be close at hand.  He squinted in the twilight, nerves on edge, clutching his chainsword tightly and adjusting his grip on his stormbolter. He activated the shot selector to load his Hellfire rounds. “What do you see, Brother Hjalkar?”

Then, it appeared. Cumbersome.  Bloated.  Puss oozed, dripping from various sores and infections rotting on its fetid armor.  Small clouds of blackness moved and danced around it’s disgusting girth. Warp flies, no doubt.  It’s lethargic movements belied the deftness, and strength of it’s armored cast.  It hefted a massive, corroded battle-axe.  Chorded muscle, underneath the decaying armor and flesh, twitched with anticipation of the kill.  “A Lord of Contagion…” he said, almost at a whisper.  Then, he felt it rising again: the anger, the fever, the wolf inside… the penchant need to destroy anything that stood within an arm’s reach!  With jaws clenched, he offered up an incantation to the All-Father to guide his hands.  He activated his chainsword, the chitinous teeth whirring to life, thirsting for another victim.  Then, with a bellowed oath, he charged...