Friday, May 30, 2014

Jazzy-Jazz: Jain Zar

With the advent of 7th Ed. here, I thought I would reach into my 40k archives and post some pics of some of the work I have done in past months for 40k clients.  Today's post is none other than Jain Zar, the "Storm of Silence!"  Arguably one of the best all-time hand-to-hand combat characters since 2nd ed., this blademaiden still packs a serious punch, and still strikes fear in the opponent when she enters the battlefield!

The Fearsome Jain Zar, Storm of Silence with her Mask of Kaine, Blade of Destruction, and her deftly dance of death!

The Blademaiden with her troop of Howling Banshees!

A pic taken from the perspective of some poor Imperial Guardsman, ducking behind some crates hoping that these futuristic she-elves glide by... and leave him alone!

Another angle of the Banshees; their masks are uniquely fitted to amplify the scream of a female elder warrior, emitting a psionically paralyzing shriek to the target!

...another ammo crate perspective!

The Banshee Exarch deftly defending her Banshee mistress from a hail of bullets!
Hope you enjoyed these mistresses of death!
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Friday, May 23, 2014

Helloooooo Heldrake!

Today's post is a recently completed commission job for a client who did NOT want to paint all of the veins on this magnificent Heldrake model from Games Workshop!  Truthfully, I accepted the assignment with a bit of reticence and a sigh, but after I got cranking on it, was oooh so fun!  Hope you like the results!
The Heldrake finished with all of it's metal veins and rivets gleaming!

Going through the painstaking effort of getting some base gold from P3 Paints!

Dry-brushing on some detail to one of the talons.

Side view of this screaming monstrosity!

Catching all of the cool detail on the many fins; all of the layering of ribs and fins were definitely a challenge, but proved worth the effort!

Combination of dry-brushing, highlighting, washes, and glazing gave this effect!

Right side view... such a cool model!

Screeching as it circles in towards its victims.

Close-up view of the head; notice the digital red-eye, the green acid in the venom spitter, and the pink on the techno-lash-tongue-thingy!

Definitely no fun facing this thing on the battlefield! (I know... I have had to do it!)

Ariel view of the head.

Ariel view of the back, showing off some of the detail.

Look at that wing span!

Transitioning to the battlefield... awesome!

What a terrorizing model to place on the field! It definitely makes you sweat because you know the commander is going to spit venom on your troops, roll the dice to wound and then say, "Pick'em up!" because MOST models get no armor save! Ick!!!

Here is the final pic: really enjoyed this project, and the final result was soooo worth the sweat.  Please go and vote for him at:
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Definately a Defiler!

With the advent of 7th edition Warhammer 40,000 just around the corner, my commission work centered around this great table-top game has definitely picked up!  This post is in regards to a commission job of a Chaos Defiler, that I had to convince myself was okay to paint (being a Greyknight player myself... I did not want to become corrupted by the warp!); and I must say that I am rather pleased with the results:

(click on any pic to enlarge!)
The client wanted the Gold and Black look with battle damage and some use...
Laying down a basecoat of black and gold served to allow the dry-brushing of silver coupled with a series of dirty washes to achieve this.

What would the claws be without a little blood on them?

A twin-linked autocannon definitely causes troops to think twice about taking on this monstrosity!
All the little cogs, joints, pistons, and pneumatics made it challenging to 'cover' as a painter...
(click on any pic to enlarge!)
but the result was rather satisfying!  A little Citadel Sabarite Green in strategic places makes the gold and copper look rusted out...

A studio shot...

Followed by a battlefield shot!
Thanks for letting me paint this Michael! Was truly a fun project!
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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Packing a Psychic Punch: Grey Knight Librarian

I remember the first time I read the "fluff" in the Warhammer 40,000 2nd edition rulebook concerning the Grey Knights.  I was completely mesmerized by the fact that these "holy" space marine warriors were genetically enhanced to combat the evils opposing humanity, especially regarding Daemons!

Immediately I went to work trying to acquire some, and tracked down an Inquisitor as well to round out these psychically attuned Daemon-baned warriors!  Needless to say, when nobody in my gaming group (back in the day) had an answer for Daemons, these guys brought in a whole new mechanic.  Chief among these warriors is their Librarian, who packs quite a wallop with almost 32 spells at his disposal, and for a few more points can kit him out pretty wickedly (including servo-skull stopping of scouting and infiltrating units!)

At any rate, this guy has been sitting on my shelf for far too long, collecting dust... so I decided to dust him off and finally get him painted.  Here is the frontal:

The filigree on the staff and loin cloth was a bit of a pain, but overall, I think he turned out pretty crazy cool!

Varying poses from the front.  I really like the dynamic, and especially like the manner in which he is handling the gun.

The back shows off the detail on his back, including the scroll work on the purity seals and the tomb on his shoulder.  Basing was pretty easily done, gluing down a base-on-base with some sand and rock sprinkled around... pretty cool result!
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