Friday, May 30, 2014

Jazzy-Jazz: Jain Zar

With the advent of 7th Ed. here, I thought I would reach into my 40k archives and post some pics of some of the work I have done in past months for 40k clients.  Today's post is none other than Jain Zar, the "Storm of Silence!"  Arguably one of the best all-time hand-to-hand combat characters since 2nd ed., this blademaiden still packs a serious punch, and still strikes fear in the opponent when she enters the battlefield!

The Fearsome Jain Zar, Storm of Silence with her Mask of Kaine, Blade of Destruction, and her deftly dance of death!

The Blademaiden with her troop of Howling Banshees!

A pic taken from the perspective of some poor Imperial Guardsman, ducking behind some crates hoping that these futuristic she-elves glide by... and leave him alone!

Another angle of the Banshees; their masks are uniquely fitted to amplify the scream of a female elder warrior, emitting a psionically paralyzing shriek to the target!

...another ammo crate perspective!

The Banshee Exarch deftly defending her Banshee mistress from a hail of bullets!
Hope you enjoyed these mistresses of death!
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