Friday, May 23, 2014

Helloooooo Heldrake!

Today's post is a recently completed commission job for a client who did NOT want to paint all of the veins on this magnificent Heldrake model from Games Workshop!  Truthfully, I accepted the assignment with a bit of reticence and a sigh, but after I got cranking on it, was oooh so fun!  Hope you like the results!
The Heldrake finished with all of it's metal veins and rivets gleaming!

Going through the painstaking effort of getting some base gold from P3 Paints!

Dry-brushing on some detail to one of the talons.

Side view of this screaming monstrosity!

Catching all of the cool detail on the many fins; all of the layering of ribs and fins were definitely a challenge, but proved worth the effort!

Combination of dry-brushing, highlighting, washes, and glazing gave this effect!

Right side view... such a cool model!

Screeching as it circles in towards its victims.

Close-up view of the head; notice the digital red-eye, the green acid in the venom spitter, and the pink on the techno-lash-tongue-thingy!

Definitely no fun facing this thing on the battlefield! (I know... I have had to do it!)

Ariel view of the head.

Ariel view of the back, showing off some of the detail.

Look at that wing span!

Transitioning to the battlefield... awesome!

What a terrorizing model to place on the field! It definitely makes you sweat because you know the commander is going to spit venom on your troops, roll the dice to wound and then say, "Pick'em up!" because MOST models get no armor save! Ick!!!

Here is the final pic: really enjoyed this project, and the final result was soooo worth the sweat.  Please go and vote for him at:
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  1. Really well done! I imagine you had to do more then one bass to get that great sheen on all the veins. Talk about time consuming!

    My only suggestion (And this is probably just a client/commission thing), is such a beautiful model deserves a beautiful base to showcase it!

  2. A number of glazes, washes and repainting... but it was fun. I almost went ahead with some basing, but with several commission jobs still pending (and without the request of the client to base) I passed it up. May go back later and add it for fun! :D