Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Definately a Defiler!

With the advent of 7th edition Warhammer 40,000 just around the corner, my commission work centered around this great table-top game has definitely picked up!  This post is in regards to a commission job of a Chaos Defiler, that I had to convince myself was okay to paint (being a Greyknight player myself... I did not want to become corrupted by the warp!); and I must say that I am rather pleased with the results:

(click on any pic to enlarge!)
The client wanted the Gold and Black look with battle damage and some use...
Laying down a basecoat of black and gold served to allow the dry-brushing of silver coupled with a series of dirty washes to achieve this.

What would the claws be without a little blood on them?

A twin-linked autocannon definitely causes troops to think twice about taking on this monstrosity!
All the little cogs, joints, pistons, and pneumatics made it challenging to 'cover' as a painter...
(click on any pic to enlarge!)
but the result was rather satisfying!  A little Citadel Sabarite Green in strategic places makes the gold and copper look rusted out...

A studio shot...

Followed by a battlefield shot!
Thanks for letting me paint this Michael! Was truly a fun project!
Any comments and/or questions regarding this project, feel free to post them!
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