Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sylvan Air Assault

This is a commission job I took for a coach in the Blood Bowl League that I participate in.  He wanted to have his team painted in pink to match his pink pitch that he uses.  Ironic how colors seem to come in globs!  The "Emporer's Children" bottle I have is almost depleted which may contribute as to why feel like I am painting so much pink of late! ;D
This is the model he uses for his chainsaw "secret weapon" mini... I like the dainty-attitudinal pose, with the cheerleader skirt, gloves and goggles! Fun mini to paint!

His two blitzers for the team; if I recall correctly, in the first match he played with these gals (which happened to be against me), his No6 Blitzer got three casualties against my team: two (2) badly hurts and a (1) kill!  She was a machine!

Here is the whole team, ready to scrap it up!  I really like the overall look of the team as it is still very 'girly' but the armor, fist weapons, and poses still make them look very dangerous! (That No6 blitzer looks particularly menacing!)
I really need to get back with this coach to get better pics.  I took these almost as an after-thought when I was walking out the door to deliver them.  I stopped and thought, "Hmmm.... maybe I had better take some pics, just in case!"  Just in case for what?  (At the time I didn't know I would be doing this blog!) I am glad I did!

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