Monday, October 28, 2013

Hobbyist vs. Gamer#1

These pics were from a recent match played where both teams were painted to a very good standard... how awesome is it to play with cool minis!!!  Reminded me of a situation years ago (during a tournament) that forced me to realize that I am a hobbyist-gamer... not JUST a gamer! :D
(click here for a more detailed match report from Chris's Board & Brush)
Here are the Crusaders and Razorcats ready to scrap it up!  It kind of "begs the question" then: Why do some 'gamers' (really, we are hobbyists) put so much effort into painting?  It is simply because really cool minis add to the 'imagination' aspect of play! Whereas a Gamer just wants to get in a match!
Here are two Ogre's (No93 Mighty Zug sub) and my Ogre (Norg'n'Thorg sub), getting ready to duke it out!  Having nicely painted minis not only shows the care one takes towards the game, but also shows respect to the hobby itself.  Because a gamer is not a hobbyist (and that's okay), understand... they just want the match!
Going after the ball carrier! (which I managed to jar loose, and then the Cats picked it up and scored against me! Ugh!)  A hobbyist enjoys the mental 'get-away' of painting in addition to playing a game!  Additionally, it shows a level of 'expertise' or competence in the individual...
It might even provide a PsyOps advantage over an opponent! ;D
Remember: a gamer just wants to get in a match!
Kalidorgrom (my Ogre which I use the Morg mini for...) going after some stray cat meat for dinner!  All-in-all, a gamer should respect the hobbyist/gamer for what he/she is: someone who takes an interest in the entire hobby of game-play.  Likewise, a hobbyist should not expect more out of a gamer other than the fact that they want to get in a good match!

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