Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sunny Side Up!

Well, I was setting up to take some pics of some Imperial Fist Space marines, and had a thought: I really should be including things that I have learned over the many years of painting (most of which came from others), and contributing to the knowledge base out there in like manner!  So, today is a picture of my work area...with a purpose:
At first glance, you will notice the usual stuff: lots of paints, brushes, painting sticks, paint-tray, blah, blah, blah... (and yes Joey, I put my painting water next to my glass of water--I just use different tumblers! :D)
Upon closer inspection you will see super glue, a small trimming and cutting mat, some plastic orc bitz, some bases, a WIP inquisitor model, some WIP wood elf minis, some WIP 40k Orcs being converted for Blood Bowl, A Blood Bowl Chaos team, along with a few other things... but the thing that probably escaped your attention is the LIGHT! Natural light (whenever you can get it) is a MUST for painting! And now,on to the next thing I really wanted to discuss...
That would be this bad boy right here... *ta da* a portable paint station!  I will get into more details later, but here is the thing, I do ALOT of traveling with trade shows as a caricature artist.  Soooo... what do you do in the hotel at night when you don't have anything to do? PAINT of course! So there you have it: the indispensable, portable, all-in-one, totable paint box! (to be continued!)


  1. I am jealous of that workspace. I also have to admit that I've totally taken a swig from my painting water cup before.

  2. Ah Chris, nothing to be jealous over... pretty simple really. And "yes" I am part of that infamous crowd as well! *wink*