Thursday, October 31, 2013

Just Beastly!!!

Here is a 'partial' of a commission job I took after virtually begging the owner of these phenomenal Willy minis to let me paint them!  He wanted pink (once again! *wink*) and 'natural' colors on his Beastmen.  So, we have: buckskin, dapple grey, apparitional white, blue-roan, brown, strawberry-roan, and devil-saur red!
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For those 'gamers' out there who just like to play (as well as for you hobbyists/artists out there who know what I mean), each miniature painted is really a labor of love!  Each miniature you paint is unique and becomes even more unique when you add paint to it!  Really LOVE the result of how these guys turned out!
Already posted this guy once, but since I have the beastmen finished, I wanted to share each one individually.  First off, I did the bases using fast-drying 'white-stuff' to give them that "Chaos Wasteland" feel (these guys are probably tossing the pigskin in the deserts out there!).  Painted No1 with a buckskin color as the owner wanted these guys in 'natural' tones.  Love the pose!
The No2 Beastman I painted in an 'apparitional white' because he looks like he is gliding... almost as if he were a ghost!  He is incredibly lean and looks almost malnourished.  That, coupled with his 'punk' mowhawk, it just seemed the right color-scheme for him!
Beastman No3 was painted a 'strawberry-roan' color due to his goat-like horns and positional forward movement like he is getting ready to head-butt someone!
Here are all three... the Gruesome Threesome!
Well, there are still a few more to put up... which I will include in tomorrow's post!

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