Friday, November 1, 2013

Just in, Beastly Too!!!

Here are the rest of the beastmen that I wasn't able to put on yesterday due to time constraints:
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This is the 'dapple grey' color scheme... seems to work well for this mini which is posed with that victorious clutch, the grey just adds a truly demonic, sickly feel to his victorious lowing.
Beastman No5, the 'blue-roan' is down and ready, with his weight forward ready to charge into the opposition and head-butt someone!
Here is Beastman No6 charging forward hand up in an open gesture inviting his prey to come forward and "get some!"  Good stuff!
I positioned beastmen four, five, and six together (like I did the first three) just to get an idea of how they are going to look on the line... pretty awesome sight!
Beastman No7 is bellowing a victorious, malevolent bark with his fist in the air... looking very fiendish!

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