Saturday, November 2, 2013

Roll'em Baby... and Roll'em High!

The other day I was taking pics of my crystal blue dice (the first set I ever bought as a serious gamer), with full intent of talking about them on my blog.  Immediately upon completion, I was downloading the pics to my laptop and checking my gaming email, and wouldn't you know it... one of the well-respected young bloods in my active blood bowl league had sent me this article entitled: "How to Make the Dice Roll High Numbers!"  So, for none other reason to be entertained briefly, DO read on...
Here are many of the dice I use when I play Blood Bowl: The three block dice that are dark blue, the light blue and red crystal six-sided dice, and the D12 or D20.  They are placed next to my Morg'n'Thorg mini simply for perspective.
Here are the dice that I use with my human team.  (Yes! I am one of those OCD guys that actually seeks out dice that match the color of my team!)  Which, I might add, is how can you tell if one is a true gamer or just a wannabe! If their dice somehow MATCH the team/unit/army they are playing with... then you know *points finger* "True Gamer!!!" :D  The small die is used as a wound counter for heroes in table-top strategy games, but in Blood Bowl it is to remind me that my Ogre has gone "bone-headed."
And now *drum roll please*my blue crystal dice!  I was laughing soooo hard when my young friend sent the article to me about dice, because so much of it I am guilty of!! So, now it is time for a quick story! 
I actually DID go down to the local hobby store (years ago) and find some dice that matched my Ultramarines, and started rolling them!  I probably rolled thirty plus dice (no joke) for about a half an hour, until I narrowed it down to five dice that were consistently rolling sixes!!! Laugh now, but I tell you the truth!  The next battle I faced off of against Tyranids, Helveticus the Ancient Standard Bearer was stranded on a hill-top swarmed by stealers!  He had to roll straight sixes for armor saves! He rolled all five of them in that fatal first turn of hand-to-hand combat!  My opponent (as was I) stunned into silence! But there is more...
"Helveticus the Ancient"
The very next turn he had another impossible six armor saves and once again... straight sixes!!!  My opponent yelled, "NO WAY!!! Those dice are loaded!!!" I held them up and grinned, "Nope! You can see right through them!"  He yelled for the other gamers in the store, and EVERYONE came over to see what the ruckus was about!  Next turn, another astronomically impossible six armor saves (straight sixes), and for a third turn Helveticus stood firm, the Banner of Macragge still in his stealy grip!  Everyone, bowed and paid homage to my blue-dice! From that day forward, everyone had heard of the legendary blue dice!  Opponents would cower under the table when I brought them out!  And while Helveticus did eventually go down, he gave this gamer a most memorable moment in gaming history that has probably never, ever been repeated!
Yes, my friends... take care of your dice! Treat them with respect! Leave them on the table with the "six" side up! Kill the insects! Do your due diligence and (more often, than not)... they won't let you down!!!


  1. I figured you still had those blasted dice, and yes I remember when you got them. But they don'
    t scare me lol. Looking forward to getting a game in and catching up for old times,


  2. Thanks, Mike! Truly had some GREAT games with you!