Friday, October 4, 2013

Warhammer 40K Fist Commander Gallery #1

This is a Space Marine Hero (Imperial Fist, Third Company Commander) that I converted a while ago: he is assembled from the original space marine hero mini (picture inset) along with the combi-weapon from Space Marine Lord Azrael.  Additionally, he has been fitted with the bionical arm and power sword from a vintage space marine veteran sergeant.  The helmet comes from another veteran vintage mini.   VERY versatile and an amazing one-off miniature!
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Below you can see some of the custom built and painted WYSIWYG items that are included: Master-crafted bolter/plasma gun from Lord Azrael, frag & krak grenades, bionics, terminator honors, purity seals, laurels (iron halo), and a power sword!
(Apologies for the poor lighting in these pics... needed to hurry and get this post in!)


  1. Thanks Scott! Was a tediously rewarding project. The pics don't do it justice... the thing I found about the Fists, is that the Yellow looks AMAZING on the battlefield!