Thursday, October 24, 2013


I have been behind on alot of projects of late, including my RL Blood Bowl league matches.  Seeing the opportunity to get in a couple of games yesterday... I took advantage!  My first match was with a coach I played last week, so I couldn't bring my humans (can't play the same team twice in a row!), so I had to bring in a fairly new dwarf team.  The difference in team values was significant, so I put good use to the $$$ and brought in Morg'n'Thorg!  Yes, he costs 430K to field... but he is worth every penny at ST6, AG3, MA6, Block and no bonehead!  This is what my opponent posted in our league forum:

"Morg was huge. He had 3 casualties, was in on the defensive play that made my long shot Td that much more difficult, and was part of his main Td chance. He was all over the place!" So... today's post is dedicated to that celebrity Ogre!

Upper left: Morg keeping pressure off of the entire left side!
Upper Right: Morg keeping two mummies, a wight and two zombies at bay!
Bottom Left: Morg providing some blocking to cage up!
Bottom Right: Morg taking out a Block/Dodge/Side-Step/Fend Ghoul annoyance!

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