Monday, November 25, 2013

Tenacious Tentacles!

I can honestly say I am not a fan of Chaos anything in gaming; Chaos armies (Fantasy or 40K), Chaos teams for Blood Bowl, the Chaos Iconography and background stories, etc., and all that goes along with it! That being said... I can be open to pure talent, and insightful ideas when it comes to minis, sculpting and the like in this miniature world we put ourselves in (for those of us who choose to!)

With a recent commission job winding down on a Chaos Blood Bowl team, I thought I would share this rare sculpt of a star player, Lewdgrip Whiparm--I think this is the only sculpt out there of this particular star player--at least if there is, I have never seen one!
 I tried to give him that 'rusty brass' look as I think the tentacle arm is just disgusting, and it reminds me of sea creatures; so naturally he would be all rusted and corroded from that salty sea water! LOL!!
Here some additional side and back shots with the main one in the middle...
('click the pic' to enlarge him at Cool Mini or Not!)
 I also had to pick a color that would tie him into the existing Chaos Team he will be playing for... that putrid, light green I used worked well for this, and the base was just another way to tie him into said team as well.
A very well fabricated mini from concept, to sculpt from Willy Miniatures!
Thanks for giving us another phenomenal miniature to add to the growing Blood Bowl line of star players! :D

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