Saturday, November 23, 2013

Funnin' with Fezglitch the Fanatic!

With my handy-dandy digital camera back in hand, I was able to download photos of work this past week. (Yay!)  So, I am now playing a little 'catch-up' on some recent events... one of those was a new-join into our Blood Bowl league.  It is always a good thing to have new blood.  It was evident from the get-go that he was wanting to play something rather devious, nefarious, and wicked fast, so there was really only one way to go... Skaven!  Unfortunately, these poor cheese lovers often end up dead due to low armor values.  Wanting to give this 'noob' coach a little incentive to play with some nice inducements (and wanting to encourage him to get his team painted), I dove into my bits box and built this guy from a GW Skaven clan rat pack, and some Dark Angel force-weapon bits... and we get, Fezclitch, the Skaven Fanatic! 
(click the pic to enlarge)
The "ball and chain" that fanatics use in the game I felt needed to be something more 'plague rat'ish... taking some Dark Angel force weapon bits, I was able to assemble them together for a nice impromptu censor 'ball & chain'!
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The censor ball with the skull attached, and the progressive chain-links with smaller censors, really had a much better skaven-clan-rat feel than the traditional ball & chain goblin fanatic that we see on the pitch.  Additionally, this star player has "foul appearance" (opposing players can only hit him on a 2+) and "disturbing presence" (any player within 3 spaces are at a -1 to catch, pass, or hand-off the football) wanting to create something more intimidating to represent these stats, I think the final product really fits the bill! A very fun little project! :D

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