Tuesday, November 26, 2013

WIP: Dynamic Diorama!

I have been stating for a while now, that I have several projects that I am working on in addition to my commission work... this is one of them: this WIP (Work in Progress), is nearing completion and it is going to be incredibly cool when it is done! So, I thought I would share... It is a diorama for a Hobby Store Window that I was commissioned to do! (Kind of a miniature painter's dream-come-true!)
 (click any pic to enlarge)
Here are some of the Orcs, and Space Marines I am working on to put in the window...
Because the window is so long (12 feet x 12 inches), I had to build the diorama in two parts in order to get it in the window, this is the first half... 
This is the other half, which is a 'beach assault' that will be occurring with the Orcs and Gretchen.  A while back I posted an Orc Warboss as well as some 'beach assault' grots that were in preparation for this monstrous undertaking! (See the little gretchin?)
Here are some pics of the ship: 1) a back-up view of the Orc Pirate Ship, 2) A Gretchin taking aim in the crows nest! 3) The Botsun' near the Anchor overseeing the launch of the skiff, 4) The First mate (with nothing to do) since the boat is anchored, so he is salivating wanting in on the assault!
This store is not just a "Gaming" or "Hobby" store... it also sells other merchandise, including OOP vintage games and puzzles.  In order to incorporate this, I used an 'under the sea' puzzle for the ocean and poored polyurethane over the top of it to give it a 'glossy-watery' look.  Some of the spare puzzle pieces were used to create waves. 
(see the little shark? :D)
Here is the whole thing fitted in.  I had to get an idea of how it was coming along, and what was left to do in order to plug in visual gaps... very helpful I think; obvious there is still more to do! *sigh*
The Ship in the corner...
Orcs and grots assaulting the beach... Gonna be a challenging filling in the gap between the two slabs with putty from behind the diorama... he he!
Space Marines 'busting' out of the 40K box to coincide with the store marketing point, which is "An Adventure Awaits inside!" (whether in the store, or in a box, or in YOU, there is an adventure awaiting inside!) Pretty nifty idea I think...
Well, I will keep you posted over the next two days on this as it has to be finished for Black Friday!  There have been some other "how to" requests that I have received which I have been cataloging during this massive undertaking, which I will be sharing with you as well! Make it a great day!


  1. What a cool project. The ocean of puzzle pieces is fun, and I love the idea that you had to have the space marines ripping their way out of the 40k box.

  2. Thanks Chris! Can't wait to finish this puppy up!