Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Patriotic Post for Thanksgiving!

Please forgive me for not getting this up yesterday (I desperately wanted to!), but as luck would have it, my path was crossed with someone who had nothing, asked for nothing, but needed everything... I spent a large portion of my time yesterday doing what any of us would do when finding someone in need.  I was able to sleep well knowing that he had something to eat, clean clothes and a warm place to sleep as the temperature dropped down to 14 degrees! *Burrrr!*

So... count this for yesterday's as I had something special planned for my Father today (more on that later! ;D)

As Thanksgiving is typically hailed as one of our major holidays filled with food, family, football, fun and giving thanks, I thought "what would be more patriotic than a troll slayer in patriotic striped pants?!" Well, here ya go! Meet the Ironrock Hammers!

I finished these guys a while back, and just haven't put them up yet on my blog!
(click here to vote on the Troll Slayers at Cool Mini or Not!)
I wanted something  in "Red, White, and Blue" and loved painting these patriotic pants on the Troll Slayer! LOL
(click any of the pics to enlarge)
Here are those nasty, hard-hitting blitzers!
(vote on these Blitzers at Cool Mini or Not!)
Some short, stumpy, white bearded runners...
(these Runners are also at Cool Mini or Not!)
Star Player Boomer Eziasson, with the Coach Mini used for a turn marker...
(Boomer and Coach are at Cool Mini or Not!)

Here is the whoooole team lined up for ya, complete with their "Hammers" logo emblazoned on each of the right shoulder pads with those wearing armor! :D
(click to enlarge)
(this click will take you to Entire Team at Cool Mini or Not!)
Well, I trust that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you enjoy your festivities! I will (in all likely-hood) post some additional things here today for my dad! Happy Feasting!

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