Friday, November 29, 2013

Tribbles, Trouble & Trolls!

There was an episode of Star Trek entitled "The Trouble with Tribbles" that became one of the more re-watched episodes of the series... well, if you play Orcs in Blood Bowl, you are going to have Trouble with Trolls!  They are 'always hungry' and are subject to being 'really stupid' and just might eat your goblin right before they 'throw team-mate' which are a few of the reasons that make them so fun to play!  This guy has been in my collection for quite some time, and was near complete--so I just whipped out a few more colors, slapped'em on and finished him up!  This one consistently gets positive comments for being a really Cool Mini!

This model is the GW Blood Bowl Troll Star Player, Ripper Bolgrot which I use as the troll on my Orc team.  Chris, one of the other coaches in the league inspired me to capture some collegiate teams, and so I borrowed the color scheme and mascot from the Florida Gators... (not a fan, just liked the how the color scheme worked!)
(Tim "The Superman" Tebow running with the ball!)
The team is named the "Bittersand Swamp Gators"
Here are a few more team members who will be fielded during this next season of Blood Bowl in pursuit of the Dungeonbowl Trophy!
(click the pic to enlarge)

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