Monday, December 2, 2013

A Dremel a Day keeps Lord Borak at Bay!

Recently I was asked about doing some additional "How To's" by my friend Joe, (another Blood Bowl Coach, and all around "nice-guy") in addition to doing some "Tool Spotlights"; so with that in mind, I happened to be finishing up one of his star players (Lord Borak the Despoiler) for his Chaos team, so thought I would share...

First off is the tool highlight, which is on the Dremel; any serious modeler and miniature convertor has one!  This bad boy has a variety of tool-tips available for use, and with it's precision cutting, engraving, drilling, and sanding tips... you can't beat it!
For this post, I used the cutting tool as I needed to cut away the basing stand for the mini, since I was going to pin it to the base.
(click here for a youtube demo of the tool in action!)
Here is a pic of me attempting to cut the base away of the mini; it was too big to sand down, and it seemed much simpler to just remove it for pinning the mini to the base.  You can see the line I drew on the basing stand what it would take to level it off with the base... waaaaay too much to sand down!
Here is the basing stand properly removed:
 With the basing stand removed, I can now properly "pin" Lord Borak! (he he, yes I am a former wrestler! :D)

Now I am going to use quick drying "grey stuff" to apply a generous coating of putty on the base, this will serve two purposes: 1) It will give it some texture so I can paint it to look like the chaos wastelands, but 2) It will also give the miniature a solid platform with which to stand and stay secure!

(Still not having broken down and purchases some sculpting tools... I am using my X-acto knife to sculpt the putty into place)

Hope this is helpful to you, and be sure to check back tomorrow as I will be finishing this guy up! More on glazing and/or dry-brushing!

(Here is a tutorial on Greenstuff from my friends at Tale of Painters!)

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