Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Inquisitor Lord Galandor Krom Reassigned!

Well, sadly with the parting of ways with my Grey Knight Army for 40k, I have not really been able to field this brilliantly painted and modeled Inquisitor Lord.  This is a second edition GW Rogue trader model that I have used for several years.  I just don't field him anymore now that I run a strictly Deathwatch Space Marine Army!  So he is going up for auction on Ebay:

He is incredibly customized with over eight different bits, pinned and master-painted with appropriate blends and highlights for a character model.  Armed with terminator armor, digital weapons, daemon hammer/halberd and psycannon (not shown), he has been the nemesis of many a fowl denizen from the warp!  Would love to find him a good home!

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