Thursday, December 31, 2015

Deathwatch Terminator Captain of the Watch!

I still remember walking into the local game store Christmas of 1993, and seeing that Second Edition box of 40K sitting on the shelf.  I think since then I have bought, modeled, painted, and then sold at least five space marine armies: Ultramarines, Imperial Fists, Space Wolves, Grey Knights, and then another Fists army... could never settle.  Then I had the brilliant idea to play all of them!  The Deathwatch is comprised of Marines from all the different chapters seconded to serve for a period of time in the watch under the leadership of the Inquisition.  It is setup much like a space marine chapter.  Although there is really not a first company, Adeptus Astartes still wear terminator armor.

This post is in regard to a Deathwatch Captain that I scratch built about seven months ago (further below), taken from the newer Blood Angel Terminator Captain pictured here:
I made several changes, on the Deathwatch Captain (below) in an effort to make him more 'neutral' from the one pictured here above: I swapped out the head, axe, and storm bolter, replacing them with a relic bade and/or the burning blade and a storm shield. Notice, that I even removed the Blood Angel jewels, replacing them with Terminator Honors.  The Iron Halo and back banner were also adds:
 Here are some frontal views (see the combi-plas mag locked on his leg?): well as the back:

I fully intended on taking him as a chapter master to tank some Terminators.  I modeled him with a fancy storm shield to use it as the Shield Eternal giving him that 3+ invulnerable save, and bestowing him with the "Eternal Warrior" characteristic.  Selecting him as a Chapter Master would also allow him to fire his Orbital Bombardment while in terminator armor, having the "Relentless" ability.

Playing Inquisition gives me access to other neat tricks, like bringing in a contingency of Grey Knights, and taking Brother Captain Stern with the "Sanctuary" power, buffing the Captain to a 2+ invulnerable save.  Finally, attaching him to a Deathwing Terminator Command Squad, with an Apothecary attached, gave him the "Feel No Pain" ability, rolling off wounds on a 5+!!! 

I played him like this one time; he was expensive point wise, but it was sooooo nasty! I didn't have the heart after that, to bring him out in a friendly game again because I realized that in playing him as such, I might have become that "one guy" that nobody wants to play.

I try really hard to play my Deathwatch with the lore, and fluffy background, so he hasn't seen any combat since that game because he doesn't really fit my style of play...

  But he may fit yours! He is a fantastic model, and hope that he will find a good home! 

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