Friday, August 7, 2015

American Team Championship: Grey Knights Glory!

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the ATC or American Team Championship!  It is essentially the "power gamers" tournament for Warhammer 40,000 (40K), Warhammer Fantasy (which is now Age of Sigmar), as well as Hordes and Warmachine.  I have been a die-hard 40k fan since second edition.  I have always wanted to attend a major event like this, and decided to take a team of five to attend.

The tournament format with a team of five, is you draw a team and then the team captains roll-off for pairings between the different team-members.  My team had no delusions of glory, and since we are not power gamers (but more fluff players) we knew that we would have to "take it on the chin" in order to get bracketed lower tier in order to get more games of our liking.

While at the event, I had the opportunity to have a professional photographer take some pics of my army, so I thought I would take the time to post them up... so here are my Grey Knights!

Grand Master Kaldor Draigo, High Grand Master of the Grey Knight Space Marine Chapter.
Here he is modeled with a blood-letter of Khorne's head impaled on the mighty Sword of Titan!

My Warlord, Grey Knight Librarian Galandor Kree; he performed in a most amazing way for me during the tournament! Very pleased with his performance!

Inquisitor Lord Torquemeda Coteaz with his two-headed psyber eagle... many a daemonic foe has fallen to this hero of the imperium!

A Grey Knight Librarian, armed with a force staff and a combi-stormbolter.

The Nemesis Dreadknight: armed with a psychically charged psilencer and a psyflamer... it is an anathema to every foe the Grey Knights face!
Grey Knight Terminators taking orders from their Justicar...
Justicar Thaine barking orders at his holy Grey Knights to take down the Emperor's enemies!

The entire 1,850 points of my Grey Knight Nemesis Strike Force!
Had a great time at the ATC and really enjoyed the experience!
Thanks for taking a moment to look at my army!

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