Sunday, February 16, 2014

Szobczak: Deathwatch Dreadnaught!

Recently, I pulled out my contingency of Deathwatch Marines which have been sitting in storage for over a decade and decided to finish them up.  That inspired me to finish up a few other pieces that have been sitting in storage 75-80% finished.  This included Szobczak, the ancient and cantankerous Deathwatch Dreadnought formerly of the Imperial Fists Chapter's 5th Company.
Here he is, ready for battle with his Assault Cannon, Power Fist and Twin-linked Heavy flamer!
Extremely gruff and bitter, he has a tendency to relate everything to his past war experiences, and can find even the most tenuous parallels between current events and his actions years before. If and when he becomes attached to a Kill-team, he will, at every opportunity, ramble on about battles long since fought, lost Battle-Brothers, and the particulars of why, in his day, Space Marines were simply better at everything.
His left shoulder plating displays purity seals placed there by priests and tech-marines, no doubt containing incantations and prayers that the machine spirits do not fail...
At his base I placed numerous expended shells that one would expect to see from such an awesome gauss fired weapon like the formidable Assault Cannon!
Szobczak also has a tendency to react with surprising and often inappropriate anger or violence to even the slightest provocation. He can escalate any situation, and excels at making mountains out of molehills.  Perhaps that is why he is equipped with the assault cannon!
On his right side plating he displays his Fists Chapter badge just beneath his terminator honors earned while being in service to the Deathwatch.

In all, Brother Szobczak is a very trying, capricious, and frankly dangerous companion, traits that are only just made up for by his unwavering loyalty, his prowess in battle, and his incredible skill and breadth of experience.
Here he is supporting a kill-team as they unleash fire from their bolters in an attempt to cleanse the local assigned area of it's denizens!