Thursday, February 20, 2014

Suicide Squad: Deathwatch Kill-Team!

At the beginning of January, I posted some pics of a Deathwatch Kill team that I had pulled out of the closet, and finished painting...
Here they are from that post:
Since that time, there have been a number of customers coming into the store wanting to do a Kill Team Scenario... so we decided to give it a go!
Here are my Deathwatch setup behind an Aegis defense line ready for deployment!
John brought in his beloved Sons of Russ...
And Chris (who recently finished his Necrons), wanted to lay down his fire power!
With John so close to Chris's deployment area, he was too sweet of a target for Chris's Necrons!  Here is John trying (rather feebly) to use the "jedi dice trick" to get his 3+ saves... with a one, two twos, and a five, we are now trying to put together a fundraiser to send John back to the Jedi Academy for further training! (Sheeeesh!)
Here is my Deathwatch, led by Sergeant Kail Vibious skirting the battle area, and coming up the flank!
I tried really hard to stick with the Deathwatch iconography (notice Vibious's loin tabard), and painting black armor well is NEVER an easy task!
Sergeant Vibious bursts through the door, laying down a hailstorm of bolter fire against the Necrons and Wolves, in order to get his Marines up to the spire to retrieve the Chapter Relic they are after! (3 victory points, baby!)
Sergeant Jagatun, of the White Scars, is pointing his Marines down a dark, and dank corridor to surprise the other commanders on the other side of the citadel!
(I kept the white scar pattern on Jagatun's loin cloth to add some color to the mini!)
Mixximion Voss, with his deadly Heavy Bolter, creeps around the corner to spray the unsuspecting Necrons with a hail of deadly fire!  Librarian Lyandro Karras (otherwise known as the scholar), provides psychic support from behind!
(Voss's Imperial Fists Chapter badge is glaringly visible!)
Here is the monolithic Deathwatch Citadel under siege!
(Look very closely at the top!)
With a tie score between the Necrons and the Space Marines (13 points to 13 points), it was time for a showdown! Lyandro got to go first, and was lucky enough to get a penetrating hit... charging his force made with psychic energy, it was instant death for the Necron Lord!
(If you look closely, you can see little lightening arcs on the force mace!)
Chris, hanging his head in shame... shaking his fist... asking Nuffle why he couldn't have given him either his 6+ "Feel no pain" save, or his 5+ "It will not die" roll!
Hee hee hee! John raising his hands with a chiding grin, celebrating the conquering space marines once again! (okay, so it was a bit overkill with Deathwatch and Space Wolves, but we sure had fun!)

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