Friday, February 14, 2014

A Pretty Mini Cool Thing!

Well, the results are in!  I probably sound like a broken record, but I am very grateful to all of you who have been so supportive of my endeavors... Thanks to all who got the last few votes in!  Here are the results:

I am no longer "unranked" and tossed at the bottom of the preverbal pile at Cool Mini with everyone else!  I am rather ecstatic to have jumped over 7k artists to be at 2268!  It is nice to have a better idea of where I am at, and am content (for now) with the ranking! Besides, it gives me something now to work toward (like making the top 500!) :D

With that being said, I decided to take another piece out of my age old collection of miniature stuff (don't recall where I got this piece from... probably Ebay), and do a celebration piece!

Here is an old pic of the original model, all gummed up, and painted rather horribly (probably by some young-blood who gave up the hobby):

After a feeble attempt to strip the paint off (with some success) I decided that the remaining paint that I could NOT get off would lend itself to a "battle-worn" Rhino...

Here are the results:
Left frontal view with the gunner managing the pintel-mounted, twin-linked Storm Bolter, ready to lay down a barrage of fire!

I put a lot of rust, smoke-stack stains, and blast damage on the tank to help hide some of the paint I could not get off, and to add more character to the model! 
Here is the veteran Sergeant barking orders to the tank commander letting him know where to disembark his troops at:
The Tank Commander has his chainsword clasped tightly in the clutches of his bionic arm, telling the driver to stop so the tactical squad of space marines can get out and join the fray!
This frontal shot gives you a better idea of the extra armor placed on the vehicle along with some rusted out dozer blades and the Hunter Killer Missile ready to be put to use... better launch those smokes Commander, and get those Marines out!
Let me know what you think...
Comments are always welcome! :D


  1. Looks great, love the colors!

  2. Thanks Phil! Always appreciate your opinion from one painter to another!