Thursday, February 13, 2014

Last Professional Push!

I am a bit befuddled by the crazy downpour of snow coming in right now... everything is shut down! (feels like Wisconsin where I moved from!)
Can't thank all of you for following my blog and for the kindness shown.  Below are some of my top ranked minis at Cool Mini or Not.  This is my last serious push for the higher ranked posts I have submitted.  If you could take a few minutes and click the links to vote on each (provided you haven't done so already), I would greatly appreciate it!
I am needing to get them over "50" votes each to get an "official" ranking (Several are close wtih 45-48 votes).  Thanks a million! (Feel free to share these with anyone you think my give me a boost over the top!)

1) Wood Elf Team, 2) Treeman, 3) Agememnon the Troll, 4) Eldar Harlequin
Thanks for taking the time to vote!
(Here is one individual's take on the great storm that hit North Carolina!)

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