Monday, February 3, 2014

Imperial Fist, 3rd Company Commander: Brother-Captain Silas Hammerhand

When I first started posting on my blog, this miniature was one of my "test" pieces to see how things would go... little did I know the place I would be in now! With a new store to keep on top of (which includes all the games I need to know); I have had to get back into Warhammer 40K! 

With the 6th edition rules now, I am able to field a pretty severe Inquisitor/Grey Knight army, and the fast attack option that Kor'sarro Kahn (White Scars) means I am needing to go a different direction then the beloved Imperial Fists I used to play back in 3rd-4th edition at the turn of the century.  Lamentably, the Imperial Fist Commander that I custom built: Brother-Captain Silas Hand, Captain of the Fist's Third Company, is need of a new home!
This is a one-of-a-kind custom mini that can only be purchased on EBay!
This miniature is modeled WYSIWYG: armed with bionics (Feel no pain on a 6+ when wounded) along with artificer armor (2+ Armor Save), an Iron Halo (4+ Invulnerable Save), Master Crafted Relic Blade (+3 Strength, 2 AP), and Combi-Melta gun... pretty cool stuff for only 150 points!
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If you know anyone who is currently in to 40k, perhaps they might know someone fielding the Imperial Fists... don't hesitate to share this post with them so they can nab this guy! Thanks for stopping in! :D


  1. Well done Lou , great work and paint .
    Vincent .

  2. Thanks Vincent! Coming from you... that means a lot!

  3. Thank you! The Banner was hand painted and then covered with some contact paper to protect it, after which it was applied to the mini... tedious, but rewarding work.