Thursday, February 6, 2014

Food, Fighting and Fun!!!

When one paints a lot of miniatures, whether they be for commission work or for personal use, it is a needful thing to get them on the table-top (at some point) and put them to good use!

Last night was a venerable free-for-all of Warhammer 40k!  The battle was taken from the rulebook, 6th ed. pg 364, called "Pact of Blood" where any and all armies are welcome, and (upon arrival) are then teamed-up into likely, or unlikely, allies!

We ended up with: 1) Tau, 2) Chaos, 3) Dark Eldar, 4) White Scar Space Marines, 5) Space Wolves, and 6) Inquisition Grey Knights!  We had experienced vets, as well as noobs wanting to learn how to play... great fun had for all!

Everyone showed up with a standard army list of 650 points not knowing really what to expect, or how things were going to go down!

The "good guys" comprised of Zach, John and myself fielded an army comprised of Space wolves, White Scars mounted on bikes, and some deep striking Grey Knights with an Inquisitor Lord.

The "bad guys" were comprised of Hunter, Mitch, and Leon fielding the Tau, Chaos and Dark Eldar (respectively).... here is Hunter's Tau behemoth, which was a rather devastating factor with it's heavy plasma blasters, until my Grey Knights landed! hee hee hee!

Some of Mitch's Chaos cultists and Greater Daemon of Khorne getting ready to fire it up, and take to the air! (Vector striking by Daemon flyers is nasty!)

 Leon's Dark Eldar Ravagers roll an insane amount of dice when shooting, turning the opposition (the good guys) into Swiss cheese!  Kor'sarro Kahn and his bikers never get off the front line! Sheesh!

Of course, John had his own venerable collection of dice with which to choose from as well! :D

Mitch's Chaos Hell Drake blowing up the Scar's Rhino troop transport, forcing the tactical squad inside to disembark and get out and stand and fight!

Zach the "noob" whose entire force (save the deep-striking terminators) was wiped out in turn one, is now gleefully getting ready for revenge on Hunter's Tau forces!

Deep striking terminators coming out of a drop pod... an opponent's worst nightmare!

Hunter's reaction after Zach drops in, making short work of what remains of Hunter's Tau forces! Oh the joy of one' first draw of blood on the battlefield! LOL!!!

The pinnacle of the battle was (of course) getting the greater Daemon into a fight with my Inquisitor Ordo Malleus Lord who, tragically, ended up perishing at the hand's of Khorne!  To my defense, the Inquisitor had already taken two wounds from no less than four squads, over 60 dice rolls to shoot, and making MULTIPLE saves leaving the daemon only "1" wound to contend with! (I'll get him next time!!! Grrrr!)

However, to Mitch's surprise, I did manage to turn him into a little-itty-bitty spawn creature upon getting sucked into the warp, turning his 350+ point model into a 45 point model, that the John could now step on like the inconsequential "bug" that he was!!! Sooooo... I still got my revenge!!! Glory for the Emperor!!!!

Here is the lot of us (I am the vertically challenged one in the middle!), talking smack, hamming it up, with Hunter and Zach still throttling each other after a hard-fought battle!  To quote Lord Baden Powell, this is what "boys" love to get together and do: Food, Fighting and Fun!  "That is the world of the boy!  I guess as one grows into manhood... some things still don't go away!

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