Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Zombies Eat Brains... You're Safe! :D

With the rage about Zombies in the pop culture over the last few years, I thought I would share these crazy looking Zombies from the team I have been commissioned to paint... these are Gaspez Arts Zombie Sculpts for a Blood Bowl Undead Team.

This first guy happened to pull his own arm off in order to use it as an atlatl!
(You can see this guy at Cool Mini or Not!)

Player number thirteen has kicked the ball, and had it inadvertently land on his head! LOL!!!
(This one is also at Cool Mini or Not!)

This poor sap is so busy trying to tuck his insides from the outside, his hands are full!
(...also at Cool Mini or Not!)

This last one is trying to confuse the opposition by tossing his own grape down the field instead of the ball...
perhaps if he is playing Orcs, or Gobbos, he might convince them!
(Vote at Cool Mini or Not!)

Here are all four of these guys together--great minis!!!
Here is a hilarious 90 second clip on why Zombies shouldn't play sports:

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