Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Skillette's On!

Years ago, someone asked me, "What do you get when you cook the meat off of a body for an autopsy?" I replied, "I have no idea!" They then said (with a smug smirk), "An M.E. asking in frustration 'Who left the Skillette on?'!"  Yeah... REALLY bad joke!  But it applies here with the Skillette-ons *wink* from the Blood Bowl team I am finishing up!

The first skeleton has a menacing "block" stance look like he is ready to stop the line from coming through all on his own! (The "mad-dog-one-eye" look doesn't hurt!)
The second is my favorite!!! Arm up in the air, victorious after knocking down (or intimidating) the opposition into submission!

The last of the trio has a pose like he is calling down on Nuffle himself to influence the die in such a way, that he will get a positive result for a knock-down! LOL

Here are the three of them, ready to throw down (or scare you out of town) and send you running home to mommy!
One of the more FAMOUS skeletons... Achmed as Santa!

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