Friday, January 10, 2014

Ghoulish Blue Hue!

Today we have four Ghouls painted in a very Ghouley Blue Hue!  Of all the minis on this Undead Blood Bowl Team my client has me doing... these are my second favorite minis!  Very cool poses!

Ghoul number five must have caught the head from the Zombie thrower that was being tossed down field... or, he took it off of another team-mate in order to distract the opposition!
 Ghoul number six has a definite "Bring it on!" stance that I love!
Ghoul number seven seems to be pointing at someone on the opposite team, with his tongue hanging out, almost as if to say, "You're next!" as he licks his chops!
Ghoul number eight is all business, ready to hunt you down at a movement of seven spaces! (which is pretty fast for an undead team!)
Thanks to the team owner for commissioning me to paint these ghoulish guys...
Good Fun!


  1. Thanks Phil! They were fun to do!

  2. Superb work, love the blue tones on these

  3. Thank you Andrew! Just needed to pull out an 'eerie' feel... and the blue seemed to work well.

  4. Fun figures! I like that ghoul with the zombie head in his hands the most!
    Excellent painted figures!