Saturday, January 11, 2014

Wight Delight!

This is the last post on this Undead Team, and the client (the nine year old son of an active coach) has been given "pre-view" pics and is most excited to receive his belated Christmas present from his dad!

The last two team members are officially "wights" on the team, but are really more of a wraith with scythe-looking-thingy-arms...

Truthfully, when the team was delivered to me for painting, I immediately saw these two positionals (core team members), and could not wait to get my brush on them!

These guys had to have the arms pinned, and the drilling took quite a bit of effort as the arms were just barely thick enough to accommodate my pin-vice; but more challenging was the need to bend the arms at the 'elbows' without damaging the arms!

The result, however, I think is rather dramatic... and I feel incredibly sorry for anyone on the opposing team who has to try and mark-up on one of these guys!
(Is there a rule for "apparitional fear" where a player must take a leadership test when [if failed] must be immobilized for the turn after wetting their pants?)
There SHOULD BE with these guys! LOL!!

Here is the whole team, finished and ready for delivery!
Tell me what you think!