Monday, January 13, 2014

Wild, Wild, Witches!

Welcome to the Wild, Wild, Witches!  These Dark Elf ladies are absolutely vicious on the Blood Bowl pitch!  With Jump-up, Dodge, and Frenzy, they are capable of bludgeoning and beating the opposition into submission (and sometimes into the crowd) they are a must on any DElf team!

The client who commissioned me to paint this team wanted a "wintery theme" to go along with the name "Grimm's Reapers" so the blue skin was a 'must have' on these ladies!

The Number Seven Witch Elf has a deadly elegance about her that would make anyone trepidatious about approaching her! 
(You can vote for her at Cool Mini or Not!)

This second Witch Elf kind of looks like the Bride of Frankenstein, and probably hits like it too with those double fist spikes she has to impale the opposition on... Nasty!
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Really need to thank Chris for commissioning me to paint up his DElves--great fun!  Looking forward to posting the rest of the team!
(In case you forgot... here is what "she" looks like!)


  1. I wouldn't want to go up against those things on the pitch.

  2. They are definitely nasty ladies to throw down with toe-to-toe!

  3. LOvely painted witches Lou! Nice work on the bases to!