Monday, January 20, 2014

Eldar Encounter!

Today is a troupe of Eldar that I needed to hurry and finish up with a growing 40K presence in the store.  A really nice chap whom we will refer to as "Chris" dropped these guys off awhile back, and they just needed to be finished up!
These Eldar Guardians are from the craftworld of Saim-hann, fielding the red uniforms with the White helmets, black masks and the Eldar runes of "outcasts" as their squad markings...

They are gearing up, preparing for a battle against a deathwatch kill team, hence the heavy weapon battery attached to them...
One of the crew members speaks up, "My Lord, think not that we should invoke the wrath of the D-Cannon on our black clad foes?"
The Distortion cannon's crew awaits their orders, prepared to send a blast of galaxy ether into the opponent's unsuspecting squad by opening a conduit into the warp and sucking them into the blackness beyond!

The oncoming Marines look determined and unforgiving as the kill team levels their heavy bolters and charge their power weapons...

Who will rein victorious?
Will the D-Cannon hit it's target evening the odds?
Will the Space Marines' bolters unleash their volley's of hellfire rounds pinning the Eldar and rending them to pieces?
Only these questions can be decided on the table-top battlefield as you take command of your army of choice in the game called...
Warhammer 40K!


  1. Yes they have a really nice colour scheme! Like them Lou!
    PS: I'v added your blog on my blogroll.


  2. I appreciate that Peter... can't wait to post some more on your blog!