Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dark Elf Defiance!

Here are the last few Dark Elves!  These Dark Elf Blitzers were very fun to paint, and I really like the large skulls on the chest plate armor... VERY DElfy!

This particular Blitzer has a very deft look to him, as if he is sprinting down the field with his fist knuckled up ready to pop an unsuspecting player in the chops!

Of all the blitzers, this one is my favorite!  I love his dynamic pose.  I love his full faced mask reminiscent of a gladiator.  I love his full-faced skull-chestplate.  Just a really fantastic mini!
Here is the completed team!  Every time I finish up a team, I find myself feeling very grateful for the opportunity to get my brush on another set of miniatures.  It is a very gratifying and fulfilling endeavor.  Hope you like them!

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