Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Stabitty! Stabitty!

This is a wicked looking pair of Dark Elf Assassins from Gaspez Arts that were custom ordered for a Dark Elf Blood Bowl Team that I am finishing up.  These nasties run up to the opposing players, and instead of throwing a block on them, can stab them instead with their assassin blades! (Ouch!!) If they pick-up the skill "multiple block" they can run up to TWO players on the opposing team and... Stabitty! Stabitty! Very annoying!

Assassin number 15 has his blades in the 'upright' position ready to do a 'lung punch' on an unsuspecting victim!

Assassin number 16 has his blades down, ready to sneak up behind and do a throat cut, or hit a major artery in the neck! Wicked little DElves!

(vote on these guys at Cool Mini or Not!)


  1. Voted for them Lou! Nice painted ninja elfs!


  2. Certainly fun models to do! Thanks Peter! :D