Monday, December 23, 2013

Holly Jolly Woodies!

With Christmas so close, and with such an amazing Blood Bowl Wood Elf team that I ran across awhile back, I have to introduce you all to Dave from Laughing Ferret Studios!  No way I could go into the Christmas Season, without letting you all know about his awesome miniature painting skills and tremendous Blood Bowl teams!  More specifically... his Christmas Wood Elves (No, it is not for a lack of pics like it was last time! *wink*)

I fell in love with Dave's work long before we connected through a mutual friend, and since that time, have actually exchanged emails back and forth regarding this particular team; it is (in his words) " of [his] favorites!" So, here they are...
The Christmas Wood Elves!
(click the pic to enlarge)

I think you will have to agree, what a tremendously FUN themed Blood Bowl Team!  One of the other coaches in my league decided that it would be a blast to have a themed Wood Elf team for each season of the year, and upon sharing that with Dave he emailed me back, informing me to 'thank' her for "the idea, now I'm thinking of finding miniatures for 4 wood elf teams, all the same and doing a spring, summer, autumn, winter version of each! I may not be able to get that idea out of my head!"
Well, Dave... if you ever do decide to pursue it, please do share with the rest of us!
For those of you that haven't met Dave at Laughing Ferret Studios, do check out his amazing work, and more specifically... his incredible Blood  Bowl Teams!
Merry Christmas!!!



  1. These Woodies are painted in a really fun theme. And, oh boy, that idea for seasonal outfits is fantastic! Another idea I've considered is painting a duplicate of a team in both home and away uniforms. That would always allow me to field a color scheme that should be very distinct from whatever team I'm playing. Maybe that will be one of my next projects, to paint away uniforms for my Razorcats.

  2. You and Dave are brave souls! After I get a team finished, I definitely feel a sense of accomplishment... but due to the 'relief' factor, not too sure how motivated I would be right away to paint another identical team with a different uniform; perhaps I will get motivated to do it! LOL!!