Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Drunken Brawl!

I can honestly say, that while being part of a gaming store/environment is loads of fun... it seriously hampers (at times) my ability to get done what needs to be done!  I think it was a few minutes after midnight last evening when I finally kicked out the last of our 'dwarven' role-players! *wink*

Luckily, in addition to getting several minis completed, I was able to finish up the 'Cutlass' terrain as well as the miniatures in preparation for a random encounter... as luck would have it, my studiously disciplined gang of Royal Marines were preparing for a rumble when the Admiral stumbled into a group of scurvey dogs, and ended up in a drunken brawl!  The rules specifically state "any model that draws their weapons automatically lose the encounter!  This is an all-out first fight!"

Here are my marines, with Admiral Dylan Lloyd preparing for battle...
A bird's eye view of battle preparation...
Unable to hold their grog (or use their weapons), my Navy Captain, and Marines start tripping and taking themselves out of the rumble... the dice mark "stunned" results!
(click any pic to enlarge)
The Admiral is being swarmed by Captain McBride's scurvy crew of pirates, with the ever-lovin' Captain sneaking up from behind... what a scoundrel!
Well, with all of my Marines down (or taken out), it was obvious that the Royal Navy are not as good at holding their grog as the Captain McBride's crew are... it was a notoriously disastrous wipe for my men, with McBride making off with weapons, loot and about $110 with of my purse!  Easy come, easy go!
Overall, it was a tremendous amount of fun learning the new gaming system.  I really like the stat-die rolls as opposed to stat characteristics, as it adds a bit more of randomness to the game... but more importantly, a critical success adds successive rolls allowing for a common sailor to do some rather heroic things! Good fun... check it out!
(For a quick tutorial on how to play "Cutlass" click here!)


  1. Nice, very nice looking pictures!

  2. Thanks Phil, rather unexpected really... the very first pic I posted is my fav!!!