Thursday, December 19, 2013

Devil is in the Details!

With several miniatures of a recent commission job nearing completion, I am very excited to get up some of the first of the Dark Elf Blood Bowl team that I have been working on!  Here are two (of four) Dark Elf Blitzers, both of which are actually GW Wood Elf Wardancers being substituted in for the additional two Dark Elf Blitzers...
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With the recent Harlequin that I finished for the Eldar, it was rather entertaining painting the 'masque' once again, trying to use color and basing to give a cold, calculating feel that is so organic to the Dark Elves... I am rather happy with the result!
Ironically, the first set of pics I took earlier today displayed this pair with neither having had the jeweling on the war-belt painted, or the brass knuckles painted on No5; so I had to put everything aside, take a break and come back to them (the Devil is in the Details!).  These two will work very well with the team they will be playing on, devilishly-fiendish masks and all, and I think that the DElf wintery motif was definitely accomplished!

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