Friday, December 27, 2013

Royal Marines on Display!

Christmas was great, but it is time to get back after the miniature thing!  Being a former U.S. Marine (with ties to the British Royal Marines) I had to "officially" display these miniatures that I was commissioned to paint for the pirate scrimmage game "Cutlass!"
Here is Admiral Dylan Lloyd, with his Captain and four Marines on the 'high ground' ready for action!
(click any pic to enlarge)
...the Admiral points, "See that tavern down yonder? That be our objective boys!"
With the Royal Marines firmly in place in front of the Tavern, they are ready to protect their favorite watering hole from any scurvy pirates!
"Form Ranks... Fix Bayonets!!!"
"Ready... Aim... FIRE!!!"
Here are the four Royal Marines lined up in formation (after the Admiral and Captain enter in!) to defend the local Tavern... The H*** with the occifers *hic* gotta protect that Grog!!!
For a flair of the "old and the new" here is a brief clip at Fort Henry, with historic uniforms from the Royal Navy with a short clip of the U.S. Marine Silent Drill Team from Marine Barracks 8th & I... check it out! :D


  1. Ah, Thank you Lee! Fun time painting up these chaps... and looking forward to yer next battle report! :D

  2. Great work got to love the Marines have a few to paint up for Zulu war
    Peace James

  3. Thanks James! I will be anxious to see what you mock up for Zulu War!