Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Frosty is the Color Scheme!

With Christmas around the corner, and prepping for another commission job based on a "wintery" Grimm's Fairytales theme, I thought I would share a bit about color theory...

I am finishing up a job for a client (which I am excited to post!), and prepping for another commission job with another client.  I always do a 'one-off' approval piece before I get rockin' on the assignment.  This is a GW Dark Elf Lineman for a Blood Bowl Team "Grimm's Reapers."  The client based the team around a wintery theme, and my initial proposal was the following color scheme:
This was an attempt at an "analogous" blue color scheme.  Blue is a very interesting color; it is a color of trust (which is why salesman, attorneys, and police use it), as well as an appetite suppressant (want to lose weight? Put a blue light bulb on your fridge, or eat with a blue plate! LOL!), for our purposes here, it is a 'cooling' color and is definitely a 'winter' color.  Looking at this chart below, you can see different color scheme possibilities as it relates to how colors compliment each other:
(click the pic to enlarge)
If you rotate the "analogous" arrows from the blues toward the purples and into the reds, you will see in this next pic I simply 'adjusted' my color palette over a bit to bring in a cranberry (also a winter color), which contrasts nicely with the blues to add a little 'pop' to the miniature!
(click the pic to enlarge)
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Notice how the cranberry color adds just enough between the thigh armor, head-piece, and number to add just the right "punch" of color, without compromising the color scheme.  Additionally, the white snow on the base pulls in the skull and bone nicely to add a subtle visual 'completeness' to the mini, giving it a well-rounded "wintery" feel. 
I think the owner will be happy with this little adjustment, and will give me the "thumbs up" to move forward with the rest of the team! I'll let you know what he says!
Hope this is helpful... let me know what you think, feedback is always welcome and appreciated! :D

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