Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bittersand Swamp Black Orc Blockers...

With FedEx misplacing one of the boxes for the store yesterday, it was a terrible time tracking it down to make sure that we received it... luckily it made it in today!  Unfortunately, it carved a significant portion of the day out... and so I had to wait, (yet again) to get these bad boys up!

Yes, these beasts have been waiting for a post for a couple of days now, so it is high time I throw them in!  These are the Black Orc Blockers for the Bittersand Swamp Gators (whom I posted previously) borrowing the color scheme from the Florida

I customized these guys from a GW Warhammer Black Orc unit, and had a great time cutting, sanding, gluing, and posing these guys todether!  The "mighty blow" claw and knuckle-dusters came from some GW Ogre Battalion bits I had layin' around!
 (image borrowed from: www.games-workshop.com)
Black Orcs are the big, bad, nasty equivalent of the Uruk-Hai from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings!
They are brutish, unforgiving, and just plain nasty!  In Blood Bowl terms, they don't necessarily start out with any skills, but they DO come with a very high armor value, (and are at a strength 4 to hit!) so your average Joe as to come in with two buddies just to get an advantage!  Very valuable for forcing the opponent into attrition with his players, and while they aren't fast, they are the back-bone of any Orc team worth playing on the pitch!  Can't wait to use these guys on the grid-iron against my next opponent! :D
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