Thursday, November 7, 2013

Up, Up and Away!

High Elves are suppose to be very 'uppety' and haughty.  They think they are better than everyone else, including their wood elf cousins!  (One of my FUMBBL teams is named the Ulthuan Upstarts simply because of this!)  Well, trying to be a nice 'chap' and help out one of the coaches in my RL Blood Bowl League, I decided to clean the dust off of my High Elf team (they think they are "all that") and play against his humans... a walk in the park, right? NOOOOOO IT WASN'T!!! (Check it out!!!)
Upper Left: My catchers trying to chase down his well positioned team to prevent them from scoring!
Upper Right: Desperately trying to get into position for good ball play!
Bottom Left: Five players "redboxed" (Dead or Injured) with one of my star blitzers DEAD! And my star catcher K.O.d!!!
Bottom Right: Receptare (catcher) frantically running away (by himself) trying to cross the goal line!

In the end... I ended up having to concede the match with a 2 to 1 victory for my opponent.  With so many players out (and not wanting to lose anymore) it was simply becoming too "costly" to keep playing!  However, it was (as always) a good time to get in a game with a good friend and well-respected coach!

(Here is a pic of the whole team lined up!)
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  1. Thanks for being a sport and helping me get that final regular season game in. I'm sorry that it was so costly for the elves. I can't recall having injury dice that hot in a game with any team I've coached before. Oh, the joy and agony of Blood Bowl.

  2. All in good fun! It is (after all) Blood Bowl! ;D