Sunday, November 10, 2013

HardWood Ware!

I haven't been able to post since last Thursday (...and for good reason!), as I was knee-deep in preparation for the 2nd Annual SPR Bacon Wrapped Blood Bowl Tournament!  I had some miniatures to finish painting, rosters to prepare, along with trip plans, etc.  These events are always great fun, and because it was a NAF sanctioned tournament, I was even more excited than usual!  (I will post pics of the event later)  There were about thirty coaches there, many of whom I have gotten to know over the past couple of years, and really enjoy just the interaction and camaraderie associated with these types of events!

My purpose in posting today is that I did bring back some hardware from the event!
The trophy for the "Best Painted" award was given this smartly painted wood elf team of mine, which put on quite a show at the tournament! (See the little trophy! Yay!!!)
Thanks to FTW Games for hosting the event! Big thanks to Jeremiah and Mike of the Stony Point Refugee Blood Bowl League for managing the event! And also thanks to the Endless Gaming Blood Bowl League for their support continued support! Thanks to all of you who support my blog, and painting!
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  1. Very cool! Love the theme and the colors! A well deserved trophy!!!

  2. Thanks James! Really appreciate it, especially coming from you! :D