Monday, November 11, 2013

Portable Paint!

With the need to pack up my paints again for another trip on the road, I was reminded that a couple of weeks ago I mentioned my 'portable painting station' and promised to touch on it at a later date... well, today is the day!  With a recent painting win under my belt, I thought it would be a good time to share:

Awhile ago I was frustrated with having to port my mini-painting stuff around, and thought, "there has to be a better way!"  I happened to be walking around the sporting good isle of a prominent store, and saw the tackle boxes and thought, "Hmmm... something like that might work!"  I spent an afternoon driving around town trying to find one that was just the right size with enough trays to accommodate what I had in mind.  I ended up settling on a medium sized "Flambeau" for about $19.00!  Have a look at everything I can pack in this bad boy!

What to do with one's paint station? All those paints, brushes, tools, etc. etc. etc.???

This fishing tackle box really fits the bill! It accommodates all my paints (up to 25 small bottles!), my brushes, tweezers, x-acto knives, glue, pin-drill (all my modeling supplies!), as well as my dremel, and I can even get a can of primer or sealant in there! WOW!
"Ta-Da!" Everything I need to paint on the fly!"

Ready to Roll!!! Can't tell you what a life savor this has been!  And it keeps everything neatly sorted and organized so I can get to work at the drop of a hat--I hardly unpack anymore (just pull out my paints when I am at home); this thing has been AWESOME! In the truest sense of the word!

Hope this is helpful to you! :D

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