Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bittersand Swamp Gators!

Quite a while ago, I was inspired by one of the coaches in my RL Blood Bowl League to pursue the college football team.  I was also very inspired by James Wappell's New Orc Giants conversions he made for the game!  I threw together this Orc Blitzer one night made from a GW 40K Orc Boyz unit I had laying around and decided to follow the color scheme of the Florida Gators; not that I am a gators fan--just that gators and greenskins seemed to go well together.  In addition, there is an area south of Barak Varr in Warhammer Fantasy Orcland known as the Bittersand Swamp, inhabited by Orcs and River Trolls!  Bittersand Swamp Gators had a nice ring to it!

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