Thursday, June 12, 2014

Torias Telion: Sniper Extraoridinaire!

After posting the scout snipers recently completed, it is most noteworthy to mention their fearless leader: Sergeant Torias Telion!  He is the epitome of what every warrior should strive to be, both in hand-to-hand combat, as well as being a ranged threat!  With over three decades of service under his belt, in addition to his numerous accolades while in service, he has continued to refuse repeated attempts at pulling him into the elite first company.  Instead, he continues to remain in the scout companies encouraging his neophytes to exceptional service.  On one occasion, while addressing his charges assigned him in the tenth company, he reportedly uttered the following:

"Forget all your preconceptions of war, of battle-lines clashing in the churned ground. Your mission is to attack before the foe even realises that the war has begun, to strike hard at those vital weaknesses that all armies possess, but that no commander will admit to. Under my tutelage you will learn how to seek out such fragilities and smite them with every weapon at your disposal. Master these duties and I will have nothing more to teach, and you will truly be a Space Marine."

Sergeant Torias Telion, with his special customized Stalker Pattern Bolter with digital eye-scope, and custom fit silencer.

I really wanted this unique character to stand out, while fitting in with his sniper team; the simple white trim on his cloak, and red bolter seemed to tease out these elements without over-doing it.

The cammo cloak was especially fun to do, kudos to the sculptor for "tossing" his cloak over his shoulder to display his Ultramarine pride!

Sergeant Telion with his scout sniper squad.
Found this acrylic of Telion using his "voice of experience" from tutzdes.
To get the full background behind Sergeant Torias Telion of the Ultramarins,
jump to this link: Torias Telion
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  1. Thanks Ray! Good fun painting it!

  2. Looks great. Fits in with the other models perfectly. Nice lining on the cloak interior as well. What a bear that must of been.

    Only suggestion I would have, is the red bolter is a rather large expanse of red. Maybe breaking it up slightly (ejection port of the bolter for example) would help break it up a little. You did mention you wanted it to stand out though!

  3. Thanks for the feedback Greg. Yes, I wanted him easily identifiable on the field; while a bright, red bolter is not very "sniperish", it does serve the purpose of "look-at-me" rather well! :D