Monday, June 16, 2014

Deep-striking Drop Pod... Damaging!

No question that the "fluff" behind Space Marines can make them especially devastating when it comes to the drop pod action!  With virtually every walking thing (including dreadnaughts) having access to drop pods, it is almost too hard to resist at times, putting one's whole army in drop pods, and raining down on an unmitigating foe!

With an opportunity to complete a drop pod for the Inquisition's Deathwatch, I jumped at the chance!  However, I was sorely tempted to just dry-brush the inside and forgoe doing any detail in there; happy to say I resisted the temptation... you'll have to let me know whatchya think!
(click on any pic to enlarge)
Landing on the field of battle! *Kathwamp!*

Unsuspecting Xenos, upon closer inspection might ask, "I wonder what is inside?"

"Ooh! Look at that golden eagle with the pretty book and sword!"
(proffered I their own language of course!)

Details of the inside: yes, I went ahead and painted all the tubes, and the screens, and all the little buttons, etc... so glad I did!

"In the name of the Emporer... you shall be vanquished foul denizon!"
Screams Sergeant Jagatun of the White Scars, as he disembarks.

Panning away to see some of the Deathwatch Marines disembarking...

...a full cadre of Deathwatch coming out with their nasty bolters equipped with M-40 targeters and special ammo!  Battle-brother Maxximion Voss of the Ultramarines steps out with his Heavy Bolter, while Alvarax of the Howling Griffons sports his plasma gun!  Now you know... xenos filth, what this pod contains!


  1. Excellent work inside and outside Lou!

  2. Thanks Lee! Was sure a fun (and aggravating) birthday project! :D

  3. Thanks Phil! That means something coming from a talent like yourself!