Saturday, January 4, 2014

Star Wars X-Wing!

With the Deathwatch Space Marine Kill Team finished, I was wanting to save some paints for next week... I was privileged to get introduced to the Star Wars X-Wing miniature game by Fantasy Flight Games by my friend Rick.

In my first match-up, ships were pre-selected for me due to the noobiness value of my inexperience.  Not clearly understanding piloting and the mechanics of the game, I spent the first match learning abilities, but more importantly... I was learning how to pilot these ships!

After getting eviscerated by losing all three of my ships (with my opponent keeping all three of his) I decided to change things up a bit... and just then a HUGE Star Wars fan walked in! The new guy (Reed) has a bumber sticker on his car that reads, "Chewy is my co-pilot!" So there was no question he had to play the Falcon!

We decided it was best if I cued off of him... so we started rolling the dice!
(Two hits, and two Criticals!!!)
Being new to the game, we brought in Han and the Falcon with his crazy "Shoot First and ask questions later!" ability, along with two academy X-wing pilots.  Rick (our opponent) brought in Vader and two of his top Interceptor aces!
As noob players, we thought we would try something a bit crazy; using the Falcons size and bulk to block and 'bump' the Ties in order to gain the upper hand and use the x-wings to pick off the Imperial swine! *wink* 
After quickly eliminating the two interceptors by bumping, placement and sacrificing a few shields and hull shots, we finally whittled down the odds!
(click any pic to enlarge)
It was then an academy pilot against Vader! (Not very good odds!) But Vader must have been distracted...
By the Falcon and the other X-wing moving in behind, because Vader missed his shots!  With the Falcon, and two X-wings breathing down his neck, we fired off shots for the win!  (Wahoo!) But Vader successfully buggered out,,, for "he who runs away, lives to fight another day!"
 Chalk up some experience to those Rogue Squadron academy pilots!
And to settle the debate about Han's "Shoot First" ability... best check this out!

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